12 Giant Men’s competitors in Eurobasket revealed


The draw for the 2022 European Championship was held in Germany. Accordingly, the A National Men’s Basketball Team matched with Spain, Russia, Georgia, Belgium and Bulgaria in the 2022 European Basketball Championship Group A.

The draw of the FIBA ​​2022 European Championship, which will be organized jointly by Germany, Czechia, Georgia and Italy between 1-18 September 2022, was held at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany.

Our A Men’s National Team matched with Georgia, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Bulgaria in Group A as a result of the draw.

The city of Tbilisi in Georgia will host the group matches of our nationals.

In the bag system determined according to FIBA’s European ranking, Turkey; It was in the third bag, along with Poland, Croatia and Slovenia.

Group matches at the FIBA ​​2022 European Championship will be played between 1-8 September. The teams that will take the top 4 places in their group will face each other in the last 16 rounds on 10-11 September in Berlin, Germany in a cross match method.

FIBA 2022 European Championship groups were formed as follows:

Group A: Turkey, Georgia, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Bulgaria

Group B: Germany, Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group C: Italy, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Great Britain

Group D: Czechia, Poland, Serbia, Finland, Israel, the Netherlands

Turkey, together with Croatia and the Netherlands in FIBA ​​2022 European Basketball Championship Qualification Group D, qualified to participate in the tournament by completing the group in the top three.

In the history of the European Championship, the first of which was held in 1935, the Soviet Union is at the top with 14 championships. Yugoslavia has 8 championships in the championship.

The European Championship was held in our country in 2001 and was hosted by Turkey, Finland, Israel and Romania in 2017. Our national team won the silver medal in the tournament we hosted in 2001.

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