4 transfers from Nesibe Aydın Women’s Basketball Team


Herbalife Nutrition has recruited Nesibe Aydın, Jessica Thomas, Alaina Coates, Gülşah Duman and Meltem Yıldızhan from the Women’s Basketball Super League teams.

Nesibe Aydın Youth and Sports Club President Mirkan Aydın told the AA correspondent that they are working on transfers in line with the list given by the technical team before the new season.

Stating that they have reached an agreement with Jessica Thomas, Alaina Coates, Gülşah Duman and national basketball player Meltem Yıldızhan in this context, Aydın stated that they aim to form a good team for the new season.

Reminding that they completed the 2020-2021 season in the 3rd place in the Super League for the first time, Aydın said:

“Next season, we will represent our country in European cups. We want to repeat our success in the Super League and achieve a good rating in European cups. That’s why we continue our efforts intensely. We have a club structure that gives importance to both staff and management stability. Our head coach Erman Okerman and “Ali Kavaklıoğlu, one of the veteran names of basketball, has been our sporting director since the team was founded. As we are an educational institution, we place the first place in discipline and struggle, and we aim for our athletes to reflect this situation on the field.”

Stating that they are one of the most challenging teams in women’s basketball, Aydın said, “I believe that with the disappearance of the epidemic, we will fill our stands with both our students and basketball fans. I invite all sports fans to support us next season.” he concluded his speech.

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