A Mallorca superior to Cartagena takes its second friendly of the preseason

The Balearic team added their second victory of the preseason after beating Cartagena by the minimum in his first commitment of the “stage” in La Nucía. Those of Luís García Plaza asserted Salva Sevilla’s goal in the 17th minute in a match in which they showed continuity to the style that led them to First. Intensity, ball speed, high pressure and high quality details of the most unbalanced players on the team which denoted a superiority of the Majorca before him Cartagena in his first preseason-level game.

Maffeo, Salva Sevilla, Mollejo and Febas were the most outstanding players of a vermilion team that was clear in attack and very solvent in defense, where they only received two shots from the Cartagena team. The coach of the Balearic team has not yet given Ángel, Greif or Sturridge the opportunity to play minutes, new additions that the Mallorcan fan wants to see with the vermilion shirt.

Data sheet

Mallorca (1): Reina, Maffeo, Russo, Valjent, Oliván, Baba, De Galarreta, Salva Sevilla, Mollejo, Lago Junior and Dani Rodríguez ..

They also played: Mboula, Sedlar, Sastre, Febas, Cufré, Giaquinto, Tovar, Ibra, Llabrés, Gayà, Leo Román.

Cartagena (0): Marc, Andújar, Uri, David Simón, Antonio Luna, Clavería, Boateng, Nacho Gil, Kawaya, Teddy and Vinicius Tanque.

They also played: Esteve, Fromsa, De La Bella, Antoñito, Delmás, Neskes, Tejera, Cayarga, Edu, Rubén Castro, Ortuño and Kevin.

Referee: Sergio Escriche Guzman

Stadium: Camilo Cano (La Nucía)

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