A National Basketball Team’s Head Coach Ene made evaluations about the goals and the season

Orhun Ene, the Head Coach of the National Men’s Basketball Team, said that basketball players, who have achieved significant success with their talents in the past, need to work and produce more in order to be successful after becoming managers.

Basketbolculuk career in Eczacibasi and Country Sports and winning championships and national team as successful wearing for many years the most, AA said in a statement to reporters, Turkey Basketball Federation within the first president Hedo Turkoglu including jurisdiction noting that many valuable name a daunting task wait, “Our players “We need to make a difference in management. This is a position that requires us to carry a very important responsibility. We are aware that the results we will achieve will be very valuable for Turkish basketball.” said.

“The country expects success from us.” “We know the problems here very well. I think it is very valuable for people who serve Turkish basketball as players to become a part of basketball again.” used the expressions.

“I hope we will see both of our teams in the THY Europa League final.”

Speaking about the performances of Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko, who qualified for play-offs in the THY Europa League this season, Ene noted that the successful performance of the two teams is very important for Turkish basketball.

Emphasizing that Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko are better than other teams, Ene continued her words as follows:

“It is necessary to congratulate Anadolu Efes. After an endless season, he repeats his performance with the same players last season. They play the best quality basketball in the THY Europa League. They take firm steps towards their goals in every match. It is very important to catch this form towards the end of the season. Fenerbahçe. Beko also made a big change: they replaced a very successful coach in European basketball with another name and formed a very new team around a few players. I think they also have a good chance of Final Four. Both teams play the best basketball in the European League. I see Efes and Fenerbahçe Beko one step ahead of other teams. This is very pleasing for the country’s basketball. There are very serious rivals. But both teams do not have any shortcomings to fear from anyone. we will see it in the final of the THY Europa League. “

“Alperen is no different from the players in the THY Europa League”

Attracting attention with his performance in the national team as well as Beşiktaş Icrypex this season and drawing attention to the talent of the 18-year-old national basketball player Alperen Şengün, who is expected to play in the NBA in the following years, Ene said, “We talk to Alperen from time to time. and Beşiktaş Icrypex’s becoming a winning team is a hopeful point for its future. I think Alperen will be a better player with his talent and basketball character. It makes a guess about it, but what’s being talked about today is that a young player of that age might think he’s done everything in his mind, he’s doing everything. You can get to a good point, but you have to fight a lot more to develop yourself and keep your position. ” he spoke.

Emphasizing that Alperen should continue to increase his performance, Ene said, “Everyone has an opinion about the actor. Alperen also needs to improve himself with small touches by drawing positive results from interest and evaluations.” found the assessment.

“I think the team in 2001 has more potential than in 2010”

Ene, who played in the national team that won the European second place in 2001 and assisted the head coach Bogdan Tanjevic in the crescent-star team that won the silver medal at the World Championship in 2010, said, “If you had to choose one of the two teams, which one would you prefer?” He answered his question as follows:

“There were national players who played very well in the 2010 World Championship, but in 2001, everyone was at the best of their career. Hidayet Türkoğlu and Mehmet Okur had just joined the NBA. İbrahim Kutluay was young. We had a very high quality squad in 2001. There were 2 players for the team, it was a team made up of very high-level players. We definitely had a good team in 2010, but I think the team that came second in Europe in 2001 has more potential. “

“We did not have the chance to go abroad, but the respect we received made us very happy.”

the NBA or the question of receiving proposals from Europe answered the Ene, “At that time it was different world than basketball. free movement rules in Europe, we have basketball, while leaving out. There was a Turkey integrated into Europe. Turkish basketball more local to the. Only Great talents such as Harun Erdenay, Levent Topsakal, Hüsnü Çakırgil and Ömer Büyükaycan were players who were not lacking in NBA players today. used the expressions.

Noting that they added valuable competition to Turkish basketball during the period they played, Ene said, “Of course, it would be better if we went, but we also became the heroes of the teams that were appreciated and played in this country. At that time, the finals were played by the teams that players like us played in. There was a number of foreigners to break the balance. In the last period of my acting, I also received a transfer offer from some teams in Europe, but the clubs we played in were already very high quality. We did not have the chance to go abroad, but the competition and the respect we saw made us very happy. we were not even aware of them. ” he finished his words.


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