A National Women’s Basketball Team, 10th!

A National Women’s Basketball Team ranked 10th in the FIBA ​​world rankings.

According to the statement made on the FIBA ​​website, the world ranking has been updated after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In the ranking, which is formed by taking into account the results of the European Women’s Basketball Championship (EuroBasket) and Tokyo 2020, Turkey fell three places and became the 10th.

The USA maintained its top spot in the ranking, followed by Spain and Australia.

The top 10 countries in the FIBA ​​world rankings are as follows:

1. USA – 829.3 points

2. Spain 685.1 points

3. Australia 677.0 points

4. Canada 659.5 points

5. France 645.8 points

6. Belgium 642.3 points

7. China 606.3 points

8. Japan 600.7 points

9. Serbia 588.1 points

10. Turkey 587.2 points


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