A ‘new’ start for Suárez


The Uruguayan, as happened after the Covid, is taking time to recover his best level after the injury. He did not score against Athletic or Elche

TOthe duel began before him Elche when Luis Suárez and Correa starred in one of the best plays of Atlético. The Uruguayan found the Argentine, who with a genius left only 9 before the local goal. Far from doing what it has been doing for more than a decade The Uruguayan, holed her, sent the ball to the side of the net. His lament, in the form of a scream in its broken voice, summed up what had just gone wrong.

Then he scored two, but both were annulled by clear offside of those who know that they have to live at the limit of the regulation position to beat the defenders and be able to do what they do best, score. That is why in both actions a striker came forward who, in his best physical condition, does not usually fall into those situations. But, and here’s the thing, Suárez is experiencing a new ‘start’.

Understand as the return after a break. In his case, a muscle injury that made him miss the duels against Betis (he was also suspended), Eibar and Huesca. He shortened deadlines and had minutes in San Mamés, but neither against Athletic nor against Elche did he teach the 9 that he has inside, 9 of the 19 goals in LaLiga that have been key to keeping Atlético at the top.


It is not, in any case, the first time that it is difficult for Suárez to start after a break. The charrúa missed the matches against Barça and Valencia by testing positive for Covid and then signing two of his worst performances against Real Madrid and Valladolid. Two encounters in which he was seen out of shape, without edge or confidence … but which he resolved as best he knows. In the third game he left a double against Elche in the Metropolitano …

And this time the third duel after his return is, neither more nor less, that his return to the Camp Nou. In addition to playing LaLiga for the 9th, it will be the most special match. He returns home for seven years, the place where he was thrown out despite his performance and can do it to leave his former team without league. Impossible to have more arguments to start after the injury.

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