A place whose name I do want to remember: Amorebieta

ANDn a football every day commercialized and professionalized, it is increasingly difficult for small teams to do great feats. Although from time to time a kayak manages to reach the goal before some ocean liners and we have been able to see it in our football in recent years. Many provincial capitals roam the desert of Second B, while they saw that clubs of nearby towns without much renown managed to play professional soccer.

If we were all the residents of the town to any second field we would fit seated. An unthinkable milestone was achieved

Andoni Agirrebeitia, Mayor of Amorebieta

Among a succulent group of large cities this season a small town of just 20,000 inhabitants, Amorebieta-Etxano. Unfortunately, the Biscayan town will not be able to host the matches of its Amore this campaign, but the municipality with the smallest population in the entire LaLiga Smartbank will participate in the adventures of the Blues in professional football, even if it has to be far from home and Lezama.

As if it were Asterix and his Gauls village, the Amorebieta is going to be surrounded by an Empire, Zaragoza or Malaga are just two of the cities you will have to visit, both located between the most populated in Spain with 681,877 and 578,460 inhabitants, respectively. Having more population does not make you play better, but it is true that it gives you an extra competitiveness for all the social mass that the clubs in the big cities drag. A contrast with the 900 members that Amorebieta had last season.

Andoni Agirrebeitia, mayor of Amorebieta, said about this: “If we were all the residents of the town to any Second field we could sit down. An unthinkable milestone was achieved, having reached the top.”

Settling in the category

There are other localities that, like Amorebieta, despite having a small population managed to settle in professional football, the case with greater continuity is Eibar what is this season 34 in professionalism, seven of them in First. It is curious that the two towns with the lowest population in Segunda are separated by 25 kilometers.

We must also highlight Miranda de Ebro and its Mirandés that with 35,000 inhabitants managed to be the representative of the province of Burgos in recent years. This year the Burgos CF in the category.

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