A precautionary injunction request from Beşiktaş not to start play-offs in basketball


Beşiktaş Club applied to the Presidency of the Arbitration Board of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Sports, with a request for interim injunction in order not to start the play-offs in the ING Basketball Super League.

After the match played with TOFAŞ in the 24th week of the league, the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) rejected the black-and-whites’ application for violation of the rule, and Beşiktaş applied to the arbitration board for the annulment of the decision and the acceptance of its objection.

In the application made by the black-and-white club, which advocated not to play the play-off competitions, after the arbitration board had not announced the decision yet, the appeal made by the client club to the referee decision in the Tofaş-Beşiktaş Icrypex match played in the TBF Basketball Super League on March 13 Upon this, we requested the cancellation of the rejection decision of the TBF Board of Directors and the acceptance of our objection with the application made by us to the Arbitration Board on 29 March. In order to prevent difficult damages, the hearing regarding the application dated March 29 must be held before this date and a decision must be made, otherwise, an interim injunction decision must be taken to prevent TBF play-off competitions from starting until the decision of the board is announced. ” It was said.

In the application, which emphasized that the number of victories and points of the teams will change if Beşiktaş’s request is accepted, the following was recorded:

“The said application will be heard in the Arbitration Board of the General Directorate of Sports on May 28. With the acceptance of our application, the cancellation of the decision of the federation board of directors on March 19 and number 2021 / GS-0046 and the registration of the winner of the competition played on 13 March as Beşiktaş Icrypex, the win of the teams. TBF play-off competitions should not be started until the said application is finalized, as their number and score will change. “

In the application, where it was stated that if the play-off competitions are played before the application is finalized, difficult results will occur, “If the application results in favor of Beşiktaş Icrypex, the number of victories and points of the teams will change. Since the share and participation criteria for European cups will change, the said application should be finalized until the start date of the play-off schedule announced by TBF, otherwise TBF play-off competitions should not be started until the decision of the board is announced. ” statements were included.

Umut Şenol: “We expect justice to be served and a decision in Beşiktaş’s favor”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) on the subject, Umut Şenol, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for Basketball of the Beşiktaş Club, said that they were waiting for the decision to be made before the start of the play-off series.

Noting that they want justice to be served, Şenol said, “We expect the arbitration board to convene on Tuesday or Wednesday and make a decision. We expect justice to be served and a decision in favor of Beşiktaş. The expectation of the public is that justice is served. This situation affects our host advantage in the series. As we deserve. We want to start the series as a host. ” he spoke.

Şenol also stated that if the play-off series starts, measures should be taken in their series.


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