A Seville ready to take off


The Andalusian team closed a season where it has been shown that it is capable of fighting for previously vetoed objectives

ANDl Seville He has finished the season 20-21 as he deserved: winning. The men of Julen lopetegui, with the same suspense that they have carried in many moments of the course, where on many occasions the coin has gone tails on the key days, they saw their great year rewarded by reaching the records that the entity longed to achieve. Number of points (77), of victories in a League (24), of days without losing (18), of goals conceded (33) … A Seville of records that speaks clearly of how the work of the group trained by Julen has been, the channel of talent from the Sevilla squad and the person who has managed to put together a team that never stops dreaming. It has not touched silver in its second season, but has achieved something more complex, that Sevilla believe they are on the exit ramp, at the moment of taking off to achieve more ambitious objectives.

1. The coach

It was necessary to see if the first year of Lopetegui, with the title of the Europa League and the fourth place in the league could have an answer in a second season knowing the rivals the potential of Sevilla and how to play this Sevilla. The numbers are there. The personality of the Basque coach has been able to do everything. He has been able to lift the team out of hard times and guide it to a good port. He was the first to dream of the possibility of the title. And nobody is going to take away that aspiration. Have signed until 2024 to continue laying stones and climbing steps in this Seville of Champions.

2. The template

The communion of the group has been seen in each of Seville’s appointments in this tough season. What lived in Germany Last year he finished cementing a group that has managed to overcome itself despite the difficulties. Compressed calendar, zero rest and a very high demand to overcome. Almost all the members of the staff have stepped forward. Some have improved their numbers, while others have worked to make it so. Without egos or divos. Sevilla has grown thanks to the operation of a dressing room with many alternatives for the coach. Improve the wardrobe backgroundLikewise, it will be key to knowing the future aspirations of the Andalusian team.

3. The signings

Remodeling Monchi in 2019 it couldn’t be matched. It was impossible. A champion team is difficult to see flaws or needs. The market was searched for Lopetegui to have different solutions at specific times. The overflow of Idrissi, the hitting of Óscar, the experience of Rakitic … Even the inner game of a Papu Gomez that has also given the team a leap into a position where it needed someone to look at the goal. The great signing of the course has been AcunaWhile the departures have been more numerous, although they have not caused the results to suffer.

4. The future

And now that? Many wonder where this is heading Seville. If you have already peaked with the distance you have left your competitors for fourth place or if you will be able to look the big three in the face. Being among the candidates for the title for a month has removed a blindfold from the club itself. You can hope for more. And that’s the intention. The work that awaits Monchi in the summer is hard. You need to sell to a valued player and rebuild what you understand can be improved. You are never entirely happy or content. And that is the first step to grow. The take-off of Sevilla has just begun.

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