Afternoon of Fury by Medié Jiménez in La Cerámica


Show by the Catalan referee that unhinges the locals with two penalties, conceding a controversial goal and two reds to bench players

A day of Fury at La Cerámica. The Catalan referee Medié Jiménez scored a first half at the Villarreal stadium in which he became the main protagonist of the clash. It all started after validating Celta’s first goal after a clear previous foul on Trigueros. He went to see him at the VAR, but decided to score a goal to the amazement of one and the other since Nolito’s grip on Trigueros’ foot was quite obvious.

The show continued with Celta’s second goal. A penalty that nobody saw. A jump from Asenjo that collided in the air with Hugo Mallo. Head to head. When everyone asked for the assists, the referee whistled the maximum penalty. The Villareal bench was heating up. And he did it even more when the red one arrived, turned into yellow for Araujo.

In the 40th minute Medié Jiménez showed the red card direct to the Mexican defender of Celta Araujo. The referee did not hesitate and went to the race to indicate to the celestial defender the path of the changing rooms. The action had really been very spectacular, because Araujo jumped feet first along the baseline to stop the boarding of Moi Gómez, who fell down on his back. Nolito went to protest him and Araujo faced the referee. He told him that he did not leave the field until the VAR reviewed the play because he had not touched him with his legs. Medie insisted that he leave the field of play, but Araujo only moved away to stick to the band without leaving the field. The discussion gave time for the VAR to see the play and notify Medié Jiménez. The referee went to see her on the monitor. On his way, he showed a yellow card to Idiákez (Emery’s assistant who had gotten up to make an observation). Once he saw her on the screen, removed Araujo changed the red for yellow.

But it was not over. With the first half ending, a foul on the edge of the area was put inside by the VAR and signaled by Penatli. Celta’s goal ignited spirits in the stands and lthe expulsions were bequeathed. I told Mario and Rulli who were on the bench and he yellowed Albiol in the changing room tunnel. Villarreal seemed unhinged by the referee lost in a resounding way.

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