Again mess with the calendar: the RFEF rejects it and the league start is in danger


Se is becoming a classic with more tradition than any summer tournament: the fuss with the calendar of the season. The process should be like this: employers and unions (that is, AFE and LaLiga) agree on dates for the following season in First and Second and transfer it to the RFEF to accept it and draw the matches. But something always fails in this process, a priori easy.

The Federation has rejected again the calendar proposed by AFE and LaLiga. And what happens now? Well, it is the Higher Sports Council that has to mediate, try to reach an agreement and, if it is impossible, they decide. Last season, it was actually like that. The start of the League was at risk until the day of the RFEF draw: while the Federation workers organized the draw at the Las Rozas headquarters, their own jurists tried to paralyze it by requesting a very precautionary measure that would have blocked the start of 2020. -twenty-one.

The situation is still far from reaching that, but the beginning is the same: the RFEF’s disagreement with the union and employers and the matter is already in the CSD. The next Wednesday June 16 They are summoned to the headquarters of the Council to try to smooth things over (a necessary step and, normally, not very useful), and the last word, in any case, will be for the Government.

Why is there no agreement?

Apparently the problem that the RFEF uses for not accepting the agreement between unions and employers is the players break, something that continues to be striking when the footballers’ union itself has already accepted the terms. LaLiga and AFE want the competition to start on the weekend of August 13, 14 and 15. The regulatory rest, even for the players who are going to play the Eurocup (those who will have the least vacation), has been accepted by clubs and their union representatives. In fact, it would not matter in a high percentage of internationals who are with Luis Enrique, who play in other European leagues and start the same, or before the Spanish proposal. France and Portugal start the weekend before, August 8, the Premier and Bundesliga equal, the 14. Only the Serie A would start later. More than 90% of LaLiga Santander players will have almost 50 days of vacation. Second between 40 and 43 days.

Villarreal has a Super Cup on 11

It so happens that UEFA has scheduled the Super Cup of Europe for August 11, which will be played by Chelsea and Villarreal, without any protest from the RFEF to UEFA for the rest of the yellows. Those of Emery they could play their first game on August 15, or even 16, thus having enough rest.

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