Alaba’s blessed ‘dilemma’

ANDl Real Madrid he knew what was done when he launched the signing of David praise, whose renewal with Bayern became encrusted until it became impossible. The polyvalence The Austrian was one of the determining factors for the white club, which faced a major operation (the footballer’s cache is high) aware that his ability to act in different positions would be one of the arguments that would amortize the operation.

Real Madrid already have a new free kick taker … What a great goal for Alaba in the entire squad!

Although Alaba switched to the center of defense in the 19-20 (34 games in the axis and only 8 as a side), circumstances have led to Ancelotti had to pull very soon from the versatility of Madrid’s only signing to date. Alaba was a left-handed winger against him Alaves and showed that the position has not been rusted (assistance to Vini for 1-4 and several dangerous arrivals to the Alavés area), which he will repeat before the I raised (Sunday, 10:00 pm) because so much Marcelo What Mendy are still injured, and it seems unlikely that Carletto will initially bet on Miguel Gutierrez.

The truth is that, in both positions, the Austrian, who is denying the urban legend of ‘adaptation problems’ in his first matches in white, can look for good examples in the history of the white club. In the lane, the figures of Marcelo and, just before, of Roberto Carlos, have endowed the Madrid team with what may have been the best left wing in its history. The mythical ‘3’ offered a level stratospheric during his stay at the club, and Marcelo gave him a relief to the height, being a basic player in the imperial cycle of the four of five Champions. Before them, footballers like José Antonio Camacho or Rafael Gordillo (very different despite playing in the same position) cemented the great tradition of Madrid’s left backs, which was born with the Pachin or Sanchís father, among many others.

Praise, on Ramos: “I don’t come to Madrid to be compared with others”

Also as a winger he started his career at Madrid Sergio Ramos, now at PSG, before finally moving to the center of the rear during José’s stage Mourinho on the bench Bernabeu. The Andalusian took the step at a younger age than Alaba, but better than anyone illustrates a change in demarcation that is common in the world of football, when the lanes lose explosiveness and gain experience and tactical sense. The same path that Alaba took in 2019, with Nico Kovac still on the bench Bayern, and that was consolidated with the arrival at the Allianz of Hansi flick.

Alaba therefore has two good Madrid traditions to reflect on. The basic idea of ​​the club when he undertook his signing was that he would play mainly as a center-back, and it seems that this will be the case after the departures of Ramos and Varane. In any case, his performance as a winger has not lost their edge, and it will not be strange to see him in a position that, for now, is ‘forced’ by the losses of the two theoretical owners of the square.

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