Alavés thrashed in the derby against Amorebieta

ANDl Alaves and the Amorebieta They have played their second preseason game, both teams had their debut last Wednesday and they wanted to score the first victory, since the babazorros fell against SD Logroñés and the zornotzarras could not get past the draw against Burgos CF. On this occasion it was Alavés who managed to take the victory with the comfortable result of 5 goals to 2.

The game played at the facilities of Ibaia, for several minutes it was very even, however, in the final minutes Alavés managed to expand their account, thus achieving their first victory of the preseason. Despite the difference in category, the cadre directed by Iñigo Velez He managed to take the initiative during several sections of the match and had approaches on the goal of Calleja’s team that ended up scoring a goal up to 2 times.

Lucas Pérez’s pass is top class but Luis Rioja’s Vaseline is 100% FIFA

The first half was the absolute domain of the Alava team who achieved an income of two goals before the break. In the boots of Ivan Martin came the first, in the first minute of play and later, in the 16, was Luis Rioja who scored a very good goal for the babazorro team that served to widen the distance over the zornotzarras.

Guidetti is reunited with the goal

However, the second half started in another totally opposite way, it was the Blues who managed to score in the first minutes, specifically in the 48th through the mediation of Koldo obieta, although Amorebieta’s joy did not last long, since in the next minute Alavés again extended distances with a goal from Guidetti.

The second part is already advanced Iker Unzueta placed Amorebieta a goal away from 11 meters and it seemed that the Biscayan were going to have options to achieve equalization of the match, however, Alavés showed his superiority in the final minutes, thus achieving two new goals through the mediation of Manu Garcia and of Gio gagua in 83 and 90 respectively.

The next commitments of these two teams will be the following: Alavés will face Real Sociedad next Saturday, while Amorebieta will play on Wednesday against Racing de Santander in Galizano.


ALAVÉS: Sivera; Isaac, Abqar, X. Navarro, R. Duarte; I. Martín, Abdallahi, T. Pina, L. Rioja; Lucas Pérez and Guidetti.

They also played: Albertachi, Á. Balboa, Laguardia, Saúl García, Manu García, U. Ropero, Pere Pons, Martín A., Owono

Coach: Javi Calleja

AMOREBIETA: Saizar; Garro, San Jose, Luengo, Arregi, Seguín; Lozano, Olaetxea, Etxaburu; Amorrortu, Orozko.

Also playing: Aldalur, Leiza, I. Bilbao, I. Unzueta, Larru, Obieta, M. Álvaro, Irazabal, Aimar S., Óscar Gil, Marino

Coach: I. Vélez de Mendizabal

Goals: 1-0 1 I. Martín 2-0 16 Luis Rioja 2-1 48 Obieta 3-1 49 Guidetti 3-2 67 Unzueta 4-2 83 Manu García 5-2 90Gio Gagua.

Stadium: Jose Luís Compañón Sports City, Closed Door

Referee: Barrio Salas, Aitor

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