Alfonso Pedraza, a decade waiting for this moment


The Andalusian is going through his best moment after many seasons fighting in the yellow entity and now he hopes to lift the first club title

ANDl work and perseverance have a prize in the Villarreal. Alfonso Pedraza knows it well. The Cordovan has been in the yellow club for a decade and is now experiencing the sweetest moment of his groguet journey. Only he knows what he has had to work for to gain a foothold in the club and now he is key in a submarine that is going for the first title in its history. Next Wednesday in Gdansk against Manchester United is the time. Alfonso is ready for the final of the Europa League.

“Against Arsenal we took a load off our shoulders. We took our anger out at the final whistle and celebrated it like a title. We knew we could make history and now we are going for it. We have the confidence of the club and the enthusiasm to win,” says Alfonso for BRAND.

Against Arsenal we took a load off our shoulders and took our anger out on the final whistle

This was the Villarreal party after reaching the finalvillarreal CF TV

Valdebebas has been a stick for Villarreal. They wanted to tie the Europa League, but now they are 90 minutes away from the Champions League and a title. Nothing can undermine the motivation of a group that wants to make history.

“It’s the game of our lives. We don’t want to fail. Against Madrid we saw a great team, but we couldn’t finish. Anyway, the final is another story. We arrived with a clear mind and the ambition of the wardrobe is maximum. We want to make history “, he confesses.

The United is a fearsome rival. He has found the way after years adrift and is looking for a title that will tie up a good season: “They have been at their best for a long time. HThey have been second in the Premier which makes it clear that it is a regular team. He is a powerful opponent, but we only look at our own. We face it with everything we have and we go for it “,

Villarreal confidence

Lugo, Leeds, Alavés and Betis. The way of Alfonso it has not been easy. The doubts devastated, but the work has ended up paying off.

“I am in my best year at Villarreal. I have found what I have not had time. A long contract and all the trust that the club and the coach have placed in me. What better than to be able to return it now, “he says.

I am in my best year at Villarreal, I have finally found what I have not had time

In this sense, Alfonso highlights the role and the change in mentality that Emery has instilled in the dressing room: “He has given us the consistency and mentality we needed. Against Arsenal we were calm and confident in our possibilities. All his experience has been transmitted to us and I think we are reflecting it.”

In England they have already linked him with Chelsea. 35 million clause appear in his contract, but Alfonso only thinks about winning with Villarreal and a possible summons for the Olympic Games. “It’s beautiful. Very few live the Games and being there would be a great illusion. Defending your country is a source of pride.”

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