All tests are negative at Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo

Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo announced that the coronavirus test of all players in the team was negative before the Ekaterinburg match to be played tomorrow.

Fenerbahçe Öznur Kablo will face the Russian team Ekaterinburg tomorrow at 16:00 in the Women’s Euroleague Semi Final. The yellow-navy team, which previously announced that the coronavirus test of 4 players was positive, announced that the tests of all players were negative in the last tests and that they will come to the last training to be held before the match to be played tomorrow.

In the statement made by the yellow-blue team on the subject, “No Covid findings were found in our team during the screening tests performed during participation in the Euroleague Women F4 camp. Our team entered the F4 camp as a full team and will do the last training as a full team. expressions were used.


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