An emergency trident

Llorente, Correa and Carrasco have assumed the offensive stripes of Atlético

Con casualties due to injury of Joao Felix Y Luis Suarez, Simeone needed to find new benchmarks for the goal for this part of the season. No sooner said than done. A new offensive trident. In these last two days (Betis and Eibar), three names have appeared on the rojiblanco scene. An emergency trident that has been in charge of scoring the six mattress goals between the three. Two goals each. Carrasco, Correa and Llorente.

The first of the names of the new trident is that of Carrasco. The Belgian has scored a goal in each of the last two games. It is no coincidence that the return to the four-defense system, the most classic of the era Simeone, has returned the most productive version facing Carrasco’s goal. Moving him away from the left-handed lane position brings him closer to the rival area and Atlético improves offensively with the released Belgian. Four goals so far this season. Still far from the ten goals he scored in the 16/17 season but with room to get closer in these remaining days.

strap, who had against Betis some of the rojiblancos’ best chances and who had been dragging several clear failed goal situations, took his thorn against Eibar and scored two goals. Two goals that make him add six this season in the League, two of his best record with Atlético. To that, we should add eight assists on goal. Figures of great value for the Argentine. He has never been a great setter, and that has brought him some criticism. He is able to define with a work of art as the second both against Eibar or send the clearest occasions of the course to limbo. Correa’s tireless work is a plus for Atlético and that makes him indisputable for Simeone.

From Llorente little can be said that has not already been said during the season. Two new goals against Eibar that place him among the ten top scorers in the championship. It’s strange to see a midfielder handling those numbers. Marcos, who could not play against Betis due to suspension and who took advantage of those days to recharge his batteries, threatens to beat all the records of scoring midfielders in the history of rojiblanca.

This afternoon, the three will once again have the opportunity to make the figure of Luis Suárez forget and continue helping Atlético in their fight for the title.

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