An insatiable Simeone


Nothing would be understood in the current Atlético without the figure of Diego Pablo Simeone. The Argentine has created an author team where his figure stands out above the footballers themselves. Cholo is the star and the base of a team that sees its main rivals suffer permanent ups and downs on the benches. From the frightened of Zidane and the unexpected return of Ancelotti to the also unexpected continuity of Koeman.

A different reality between the three big LaLiga clubs that awakens the optimism for the future both in the Metropolitan entity and in the coach himself, who after the worst years at Atlético are convinced that they have taken the right path to continue adding notches to the trophy room. At the moment, with LaLiga there are eight, as the Argentine pointed out on the same lawn as the Nuevo José Zorrilla. Here, some reasons to understand an insatiable Simeone for the future.

Will renew two campaigns

As we anticipated in MARCA on December 20, Simeone will renew for two more years, extending their link until 2024. While waiting to know the contract the detail, the technician will continue to be the best paid in a changing room where Oblak marks the top as a footballer, with 10 net kilos. In his day, El Cholo renewed for more than 20 million to exceed the galactic salary that Antoine Griezmann had then. Without the French Nobody overshadows the point man of the project in terms of emoluments.

The glorious decade

In December it will be a decade since his arrival to the bench of the team that was still in the Calderón at the time. In six months it was already raising the Europa League against Athletic in Bucharest, then the European and Spanish Super Cups fell, as well as the 2013 Cup and 2014 LaLiga. For a few weeks the last one is no longer alone to crown a decade historical, no doubt the best in the history of the rojiblanca entity.

The base of the champion team

Simeone knows and wants to follow the base of the champion team. Its key pieces are undoubted: Oblak, Luis Suárez, Llorente, Koke, … Players who, except for surprise, will all follow. The coach himself has placed the non-transferable poster to players who in other times were on the starting ramp as Correa or Lemar. The coach is grateful to the block that LaLiga gave him and Except for Saúl, who wants to leave, most of them will follow.

He knows that a great signing needs a great exit

Simeone, even on vacation, is kept informed of the market by both Gil Marín and Andrea Berta, the other two fundamental vertices in the configuration of the template. For them He knows that De Paul will be rojiblanco if Saúl comes out and that the arrival the desired striker will only be a first sword (Lautaro or Gerard, both of your liking) if one of the main figures in attack leaves. He has also given the OK that the arrival of a 3 is not a priority.

Simeone’s speech is filtered to his players: “Almost always the powerful win but …”

The thorn of the Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey gave Simeone one of the greatest joys in 2013 by winning the title to Madrid at the Bernabéu. In recent years, however, it has received several of the biggest hits, with Cultural Leonesa and Cornellá like tougher failures. Hence, fighting again one of the titles that, as he has recognized on many occasions, is more fulfilling is one of the objectives for the next year. You will also have the option of fighting again in the Spanish Super Cup.

Will it give for the Champions?

And in the background, the Champions, always the Champions. Chelsea did not give a choice last year and showed, as he did later with Madrid, that Spanish teams are far from the best in Europe in recent years. Hence, not a few doubt if with the current template it is really possible fight that orejona that caressed two seasons (2014 and 2016) against teams such as Stamford Bridge, City, PSG or Bayern Munich.

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