Anadolu Efes’ Croatian player Krunoslav Simon evaluated his career and season

Having completed the season as THY Europa League and ING Basketball Super League champions, Anadolu Efes Croatian player Krunoslav Simon said that he had the best and most productive season of his career.

Having spent his 4th season in Anadolu Efes, sweating the number 44 jersey and being awarded an honorary citizenship certificate by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Simon made evaluations to AA correspondent in Malatya about the championship season, goals, life in Turkey and the interest shown by the people of Malatya.

Stating that he plays for a great club, Simon stated that they are very happy to finish the season with two trophies.

Expressing that winning trophies in both lanes is very meaningful, Simon continued:

“We got all the trophies we could get. We couldn’t complete the last season due to reasons beyond our control, but if you play for a club like Anadolu Efes, your goals must always be high. As Krunoslav Simon, I had the best and productive season of my career. At the same time, we had the best season in the club’s history. It’s good to be a part of it, but more importantly to keep it going.”

“I will never break my bond”

Stating that it is very nice to live in Istanbul, Turkey, Simon used the following expressions:

“The acceptance, hospitality and approach of people from the first moment we came to me was very positive. I always enjoy the time I spend in Istanbul, Turkey. I also have an emotional connection with this place. My youngest daughter was born in Turkey. After finishing my career. I will never break with the people around me, I will always be with them.”

“I want to stay in Anadolu Efes”

Commenting on his goals, Krunoslav Simon said, “I still have a 1-year option in my contract and as I always say, I want to stay in Anadolu Efes. Anadolu Efes is a club with big goals. A club that always fights for the best, I don’t know what its plans will be in line with its own goals. But I want to stay.” said.

“When Malatya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is the apricot symbol”

Krunoslav Simon, telling his memory about wearing the number 44 jersey, said, “When I first came, I wanted the number 4 jersey, but our captain Doğuş Balbay was wearing it. I wanted to wear the number 44 because it was not available. Then people started calling me ‘Malatyan’. It started out as a joke when I arrived, but today it came out as a joke, something really big and important happened.” he said.

Stating that the apricot caught his attention in his research on Malatya on the internet, Simon said:

“When I went to the away games, many people I didn’t know brought me a lot of dried apricots because of my nickname ‘Malatyalı’. That’s why the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Malatya is the apricot symbol. From the first moment I came to Malatya, I was very impressed because I saw that people were kind and warm-blooded towards me. I am very grateful to them for their hospitality. I am very happy from the first moment I arrived in Malatya and I had an excellent day.”


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