Anadolu Efes reached the top of Europe with its investments in the last three seasons

Anadolu Efes, one of the locomotive clubs of Turkish basketball, took the THY Europa League trophy, the number one cup in Europe, to its museum with its investments in the last three seasons.

In team sports, the dark blue-white team, which won the Korac Cup 25 years ago and won the first European cup for Turkey, went through a new restructuring after finishing the THY Europa League in the last place in the 2017-2018 season.

Anadolu Efes, under the management of experienced head coach Ergin Ataman, included players such as Shane Larkin from the USA, who also received Turkish citizenship, and James Anderson, Serbian Vasilije Micic, French Rodrigue Beaubois and Adrien Moerman, German Tibor Pleiss and national player Sertaç Şanlı.

Anadolu Efes, which has previously included Bryant Dunston of the USA, Krunoslav Simon of Croatia, and Doğuş Balbay, who were in the team before, tied the US’s Chris Singleton to their colors last season.

The dark blue-white team crowned its successful performance in the last three seasons in the Europa League with a trophy with its stable staff.

Played in the final in 2018-2019

Anadolu Efes reached the final of the Europa League in 2018-2019, the first season of its restructuring.

In 2018-2019, where the navy-white team finished fourth in the regular season with 20 wins and 10 losses, the Spanish team beat Barcelona 3-2 in the play-off quarter-finals and advanced to the Final Four.

Defeating Fenerbahçe Beko in the first match of the Final Four, the navy-blue-white team finished second in the season by losing against Russia’s CSKA Moscow team in the final.

caught in the pandemic last season

The 2019-2020 season, in which Anadolu Efes performed well in the Europa League, could not be completed due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.

The navy blue-white team led the league in the 28-week part of the regular season with 24 wins and 4 losses.

The season, in which Anadolu Efes was nominated as the biggest candidate for the championship, ended after the 28th week due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Finally got the trophy

Anadolu Efes won the European League trophy this season, which it was very close to in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Finishing the regular season in the third place with 22 wins and 12 losses in the league, Anadolu Efes faced the Spanish team Real Madrid in the play-off quarter-finals.

The dark blue-white team, which outperformed its opponent 3-2 in 5 games played in the series, made its name in the Final Four.

Defeating the strong Russian team CSKA Moscow 89-86 in the first match of the Final Four organization held in Cologne, Germany, Anadolu Efes faced Barcelona, ​​which has made great investments for this season, in the final.

The navy-blue-white team won the first European League championship in its history by outperforming its opponent 86-81 in the contested competition.

Micic and Larkin played a big part in the championship

Vasilije Micic and Shane Larkin played a major role in Anadolu Efes’ championship in the THY Europa League.

While 16 players from the navy-white team played in the league this season, Micic and Larkin stood out with their scorer performances.

Vasilije Micic, who was selected as the most valuable player of the regular season and the Final Four in the Europa League, averaged 16.7 points, 4.9 assists and 2.6 rebounds in 40 games he played. The Serbian basketball player struggled with a hit rate of 86.5 percent in free throws and 56.3 percent in two-point shots.

Shane Larkin averaged 15.1 points, 4.1 assists and 2.3 rebounds in 35 games he played. Larkin scored 86.2 percent in free throws, 51.4 percent in two-point shots and 39.2 percent in three-pointers.


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