Anadolu Efes-TOFAŞ match result: 87-85

Anadolu Efes, the leader in the 28th week of ING Basketball Super League, defeated TOFAŞ, which it hosted, 87-85.

Anadolu Efes, the leader in the 28th week of ING Basketball Super League, hosted TOFAŞ. In the first quarter of the match, both teams were effective in the painted area. Scoring consecutively with Moerman and Micic, Anadolu Efes finished the first period 28-21 ahead of TOFAŞ.

The home team, which started the second quarter by finding baskets in front of TOFAŞ, who lost ball, increased the difference to 10 points in the 14th minute: 35-25. Having recovered and recorded accurate shots with Purcell and Berk İbrahim Uğurlu, TOFAŞ reduced the difference to 1 point at the beginning of the 17th minute: 40-39. The first half of the fight, which was head to head with mutual baskets, ended 50-50.

Making a good start to the second half with Muhsin Yaşar’s prominent performance, TOFAŞ finished the 23rd minute ahead 59-55. Scoring under the pot this quarter, Anadolu Efes scored points from rapid attacks against Anadolu Efes, leading 68-67 in the final period.

The last quarter witnessed great controversy. Sharing the ball well and finding baskets under the basket, TOFAŞ was ahead 74-71 in the 33rd minute. In this section, which was passed with both baskets, the score superiority was passed to Anadolu Efes with a three-point field goal by Sertaç Şanlı in the 35th minute: 77-76. Anadolu Efes entered the last 2 minutes by 85-80 with the baskets of domestic players. With the baskets scored by Phillip, TOFAŞ reached the equality in the 39th minute: 85-85. The home team, who took the lead again with Moerman, came to the fore again in the game 54 seconds before the end: 87-85. Anadolu Efes, which maintained its scoring advantage against TOFAŞ, who could not score after the offensive rebounds in the last attack, with 9 seconds to finish, left the field victorious 87-85.

The navy-whites won their 27th victory with this result. The guest team was defeated for the 11th time, missing a match.

Hall: Sinan Erdem

Referees: Emin Moğulkoç, Kerem Baki, Ayşe Nur Yazıcıoğlu

Anadolu Efes: Beaubois 9, Micic 15, Dzanan Musa 2, Moerman 21, Dunston 8, Larkin 9, Yiğitcan Saybir 4, Tolga Geçim 2, Sertaç Şanlı 13, Buğrahan Tuncer 4

TOFAŞ: Phillip 7, Christon 9, Berkan Durmaz 11, Zubcic 5, Muhsin Yaşar 14, Purcell 14, Berk İbrahim Uğurlu 13, Alihan Demir 2, Simmons 10

Period 1: 28-21

Circuit: 50-50

Period 3: 67-68


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