Ancelotti and Pintus revolutionize the physical plan: more work, more performance and fewer injuries

Carlo Ancelotti Y Antonio Pintus have not wanted to wait too long to outline the physical plan of Real Madrid 21-22. The coach and the coach have met in Sardinia to outline the strategy that will govern the preparation of the Madrid squad from the July 5th, scheduled date for the start of work in Valdebebas. The plan has several keys, but it can be summarized in a basic idea: It is about doubling the preparation of footballers to proportionally increase their performance and, at the same time, mitigate the threat of injuriess, authentic Achilles heel of the team during the past year.

Double work and performance

It is the basic premise of the plan. Each footballer in the squad will be required to double their preparation, which will not be limited to training sessions, but also before and after them. The goal of this increased workload is get the best possible version of each footballer facing a season in which, as always, the club will have to fight for all the titles, and in which great news is not expected given the complex economic situation derived from the pandemic, which has significantly affected the bank’s accounts.

Without excuses

The objective of the plan is to ensure that each footballer reaches his best version as an athlete, always attending to the Specific conditions of each athlete. No room for excuses or complacency, the maxim will be to continue adding work to improve performance and benefits.

Without exceptions

There will be no exceptions or special cases. The footballer who does not offer his best version will not get the high competitiveregardless of your name, reputation or status. And that version will be much more demanding than in previous courses. All players must be aware from the beginning of this increase in their obligations.

Daily checks

Each player will be subjected on a daily basis to the most strict controls of various basic metrics, such as strength, speed, endurance, elasticity… Follow-up to the millimeter is considered one of the keys for the global plan to lead to final success.


The feeding it will be the object of special care by the club’s professionals. The control will be carried out both in the white club’s facilities and outside of them.

Injury prevention

One of the pillars of the plan, the result of the combination of all the previous points, is the injury prevention, a scourge suffered by Madrid last season and that directly affected their options to compete for the League and the Champions League. The 59 injuries suffered by the white players in 20-21 conditioned the performance of the team and were one of the main causes, if not the main one, that the season ended without titles.

In this sense, the arrival of Pintus It is considered by the club as one of the keys to next season. It must be remembered that the Italian will not only be in charge of the physical preparation of the first team, but also of designing the general plan for all teams in the lower categories of the entity. Bases that, by the way, were also seated during that meeting in Sardinia with Ancelotti.

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