Ancelotti has a plan with Vinicius and Hazard

Carlo Ancelotti enjoys the moment. He is coach of the Real Madrid, team and city with which he identified and admired in his previous stage, something that has raised your share of happiness to unsuspected limits. His wish to return was fulfilled and he did so with all the consequences thanks to his knowledge of the club and the current squad. Take on the challenge and know that to have a happy ending you must get the most out of players like Vinicius and Hazard.

Hazard’s beautiful words to Zidane: “I thank you for what you have done for me”

The Italian coach arrives with the idea and the conviction that Vinicius Junior is an excellent player. He is convinced of the forward’s success. “He does amazing things”, has commented the new Real Madrid coach. In the meeting held with Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez, with whom he is in permanent contact, transferred the feeling he has about Vinicius.

He believes that the talent of the Brazilian can and should get more performance. The secret is to give you confidence, tranquility and a lot of work so that this precipitation and lack of success in decision-making becomes calm, pause and good choices from a player who shows willingness in daily work, but which has not been given the attention it deserves either. It was and must be the franchise player of the club waiting for what happens in the summer.

Vinicius and the goal

The goal and its aim is another of the issues that Ancelotti wants to work with the forward. The haste in decision-making directly affects the lack of success. The coaching staff believes that it will never be the scoring reference, but that it should contribute more. Know that speed and the search for the impossible hole is their main argument and they want the three clubs to become friends with the Brazilian.

They ask Zidane for a change Mbappé-Vinícius: “It doesn’t bother me”

Vinícius was the outfield player who played the most games last season, but not always with the prominence that the club considered he deserved. Zidane’s confidence in the Brazilian it was not total and for this reason in Madrid they consider that there is a lot of potential of the player that has not come to light. There Ancelotti goes hand in hand with the club, convinced that it is a diamond that well polished can give a lot to the team. The Italian’s experience in this regard may be key for Vinitius take the definitive leap in quality What is expected of him.

The other player to clearly improve in terms of performance is Eden Hazard. Ancelotti did not coincide with the Belgian at Chelsea, but he knows the striker perfectly. The first thing you want to know is your attitude, desire and commitment, all that he shows in the selection of his country and that in the Real Madrid He has resisted showing from the day of his presentation with those extra kilos with which he appeared.

A pending chat with Hazard

Unlike Vinicius, Hazard already has shown that it is a super class. The challenge is that I also showed it at Real Madrid after two seasons stuck in a tunnel from which he has not managed to get out. The player has not managed to enter the team dynamics at any time. Ancelotti wants to ‘connect’ him to the group and also reset your preparation and set-up to leave injuries behind. A challenge the latter in which the figure of Pintus is key.

Roberto Martínez: “I see Hazard happy and training with good feelings”

Hazard’s is a problem of will and physique. The Eurocup will serve to calibrate the latter. There is no doubt about the first when it comes to their selection. If you pass the European test and Hazard returns to show competitive level, Ancelotti and his team are convinced that football will appear again on the Belgian’s horizon.

From the club they have made him see what happened with the forward in these two years, how complicated everything has been and the bill that the injury suffered against PSG has passed him. Valdebebas offices are open to possible offers, but white leaders are aware of the potential that the former Chelsea treasures.

Ancelotti will speak with him and will be clear about what he wants, how and his involvement, as necessary as that his football is back. The Italian is clear that he should not be the scorer, but if contribute and show a competitive attitude.

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