Andriy Lunin, positive for Covid

ANDl Real Madrid has communicated that Andriy Lunin has tested positive for Covid and therefore will be low for the duel against him Betis of this Saturday. The substitute goalkeeper is already isolated and will spend the consequent quarantine in the capital during the national team break.

Lunin already gave a false positive in October 2020. On that occasion he was concentrating on the selection of Ukraine. Arriving at the hotel in Paris It was when his infection was initially confirmed, although later it turned out not to be and after a few days he trained normally.

The goalkeeper posted a photo at home yesterday celebrating Ukraine’s national day with his partner.

His substitute as substitute goalkeeper in the Villamarin in principle it will be Toni Fuidias, who was already the third goalkeeper in the first two games of the championship and has been training with the first team since then. In the same way Ancelotti he will need another goalkeeper to be third and it remains to be seen if he will shoot the Castile and quotes Luis López, taking into account that the subsidiary debuts on Sunday in The line against Football.

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