Ángel Rodríguez says goodbye: “My intention was to continue in Getafe”


The soap opera is over. Neither 1% nor 99%. Ángel Rodríguez says goodbye to Getafe. The Tenerife-born thus ends a four-season stage in which he was about to achieve the feat of becoming the top scorer in First in the history of the Getafe team.

The already exariete azulón has played a total of 153 games defending the jersey between the League, the King’s Cup and the Europa League, scoring a total of 46 goals, 36 of them in La Liga, just one behind Manu del Moral, who with 37 will continue to be the highest scorer in history in the domestic tournament.

Angel he has been fired through a letter issued by his agency. Ángel Torres said on Monday that he wanted it to continue, but that he saw the agreement as very difficult. A wish that, according to the forward, he also had, that in said letter He speaks of his intention to continue in Getafe and responded to the president, who stated that his intention told him that he had already done it with someone. The man from Tenerife says that, being free, he could have done it without problem, although he insisted on his desire to have reached an agreement.

At 34, Getafe offered Ángel a one-year contract with an option for another and the same salary as until now, something that neither he nor his surroundings saw well and, finally, he will leave the whole of the south of Madrid.

Angel letter

“Everything has a beginning and an end, and football was not going to be an exception. What I didn’t know was that the stage that I started in the summer of 2017, and which is now coming to an end, was going to be one of the most rewarding times of my sports career I found a welcoming club, an incredible human group and that is why, at the time of farewell, I do not want to name anyone in particular so that any of the people who make up the great family of Getafe CF feel represented in this is my collective thanks.

It has been an exceptional adventure, in each hug, in each celebration, but also in each defeat, in each slap of adversity so common and logical in sport, because we have always gotten up and that has given me the opportunity and the privilege of to live magical nights at the UEL, to sing continental goals, to visit mythical stadiums and to be able to face historical rivals such as, for example, Ajax and Inter Milan.

Some indelible memories that I would have liked to be able to increase, but in football, in addition to beginnings and endings, there are also agreements and disagreements and this time the latter has touched. Now I am a free player, as much as if I had previously signed for any other club it was my right to do so, although my initial intention was to continue here.

It has not been possible and when the time to say goodbye comes, I only have a thorn stuck, not being able to say goodbye directly to the fans and at the Coliseum, but the damn pandemic has stolen the color of the stands and most importantly, infinity of family and friends who will always be in my memory, as Getafe CF, which already has one more blue, will remain in my memory. Again a million thanks to Getafe CF and all the people who make it up for this magnificent experience.

Until forever!

Angel Rodriguez “

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