Ángel Torres gets tough to negotiate


TOWe have hardly been a few days since the season in La Liga ended. The teams have already finished outlining their benches, their preseason and the roadmap set for this summer. Among them, Getafe CF with Míchel González at the helm. Well, in those few days, they are many names of the azulona squad that have appeared to reinforce various teams both in La Liga and abroad.

Marc Cucurella, Damian Suarez, Mauro Arambarri, Djené… The backbone of a Getafe that aspires precisely to maintain that base. And, going back to those days, there are already several times in that short space of time that Torres in a press conference and interviews has warned all possible teams that want them: “They will only leave if someone pays the clause.”

The president of Getafe is not going to negotiate for his pillars. Or what is the same. Whoever wants Mauro Arambarri, will have to pay 25 million. Who wants to ‘Cucu’, will have to put 30 ‘kilos’ on the table. Y whoever wants togolese, must leave 35 million in the Azulonas coffers. And, as the president has said actively and passively.

A stable Getafe

Getafe is no longer that selling club, which on the eve of the summer market announced its entire squad as transferable. “They all are,” said Ángel Torres himself, who was unable to retain his best weapons at times due to financial necessity. Something that has changed since the return of the southern Madrid team to the First Division and that, now, has managed to maintain a base and a block that every summer it seems that it can be undone and that, with the position acquired by the club, makes the team and the dressing room have achieved all the good they have had so far.

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