Ángel Torres: “Nobody from the starting team is going to leave if they don’t pay the clause”


TOAngel Torres, president of Getafe, appeared in the press room on the occasion of the Michel presentation. Torres spoke of the current squad and warned the greats that without a clause, the main values ​​of the team will not come out. What’s more, almost certainly left the march of a historical one such as Ángel Rodríguez after not reaching an agreement for its renewal.

Arrival of Míchel

“I have had coaches who play with their heads and others who play with their feet. We had to change now. We had to thank Pepe for the performance that he has brought out of this club. I have decided to make a change and if I am lucky and we succeed it will be a lot better. Here you have it “


The template will continue to be complete. The team, the 16-17 that we have decided that are fixed, now it is necessary to improve in all the lines whatever the sports management decides and the idea is that they continue, the objective is that nobody comes out, it will be difficult, we have won a lot. The clauses are untouchable for many clubs, we will try. I have not promised anything to Míchel, what I do tell him is that nobody from the starting team is going to leave if they don’t pay the clause. “

Intention for Míchel to arrive a year ago

“During all the years I speak with ten or fifteen coaches. I have been by my side for so many years. Bordalás sounded for Valencia and I always contact the best although that year there is no possibility of him leaving.”

Angel Rodriguez

“There is no case, tThe contract is over, we have made you a proposal, you are studying it. 99% will not continue, it is a decision that he has to make. What we are not going to do is go crazy, he is 34 years old, we are very grateful to him, but wants a series of years and we won’t go crazy Whatever his name is. I would like him to stay, yesterday I spoke with him, I think he has done it with someone for a long time and what he is playing. Getafe will always play with eleven “.

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