Ángel Torres: “We have not adapted to playing without an audience”

The president of Getafe speaks at El Transistor

Si have something Angel Torres, president of Getafe CF, is that he has always shown his face. In good times, in bad times and in between. And the Azulón president has appeared in the Onda Cero program, El Transistor, to take stock of what we have been doing this season with a team, Getafe, which is having a hard time taking off from the bottom of the table.

Atypical year

“We have not adapted to the squad. In January we had 6 positives and 3 long-term injuries. We are noticing it. We have not adapted to playing without the public. The end of last season took its toll on us.”

Short template

“We are suffering more than we thought. If we were in Europe we would have a larger squad. There is a margin, but we have to add 6 points. The game against Cádiz has done us a lot of damage, we did not deserve to lose.”


“I trust the team and the 4-point cushion that we have will help us. Adding is always good. Madrid plays the league and we play our league.”

Goal foul

“We have lost a goal, you cannot be in the First Division with 22 goals in favor. Covid has done us a lot, a lot of damage. We have a good squad, we are going to suffer. But we are Getafe.”

Return of the fans

“For next season we will maintain the prices of last season’s tickets, although let’s see how we are. We need people to return to the stadiums. Without an audience it is the most boring.”


“Sometimes we find it difficult to recognize many things and retire on time. The coaches cycle is 3 years. He is a born winner and demands a lot. It is not easy to work with him, but I still maintain that he is the best I have ever had.”

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