Ángel Torres will not be able to obstruct the departure from Bordalás del Getafe

The Alicante still has one year of contract with the azulón team and has a clause of 1.5 million

ANDl summer soap opera in Getafe of the last years it returns to scene. the future of Bordalás, in the air. The good work of the technician Alicante in the blue box has never ceased to interest on the shore of the Turia. The Valencia sees clearer than ever that this is the moment that José Bordalás sits on the Mestalla bench.

But, there is two keys right now for all of this to come true. The first one is that Peter Lim give the ‘ok’ to the leadership of Valencia for the club to undertake its incorporation. The second. that the arrival of Bordalás does not cost nor euro. And that’s where it comes in Angel Torres.

The president azulón He has always shown himself to be a grateful person to the men who have made the club bigger in recent years. And with JI said Bordalás will happen the same. The clause termination is currently at 1.5 million with a contract year still ahead for Bordalás. Something that Valencia flatly refuses to pay.

In this point the thing would be very complicated if Torres does not get off of that money. But getafense president will not put difficulties if Bordalás arrives at the Coliseum offices after the match against Granada and communicates your intention not to follow in the blue set.

Jason like as a bargaining chip

Although the Getafe will not put obstacles to the departure of Bordalás in terms of money, there is a name that will come to the fore in a possible negotiation with Valencia. It’s of Jason Remeseiro. The Galician, with a testimonial role in Valencia, left a good feeling at the Coliseum a course earlier and Torres could propose a ‘barter’ to be able to get the services of the player from Valencia. In fact, Jason’s agents have already met this Wednesday with Anil Murthy to discuss the future of the player, who will leave Mestalla this summer.

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