Announcement of Luis Enrique with the National Team: “Hopefully Guardiola will be a coach one day”

!Good Morning! Today is the day of many things, but what we did not see coming is that Abel ruiz it was to be one of the proper names. Summoned for the first time with the national team, in an exciting new list of Luis Enrique. The day is loaded with information: Mbappe, the transfer market and the draw for the Champions but, the selection returns!

Ready for the second window of qualification for the World Cup. Again without Real Madrid players and with seven from the Euro Cup resting, this time. Deserved they have it Pedri, Thiago, Olmo, Oyarzabal, Pau Torres, Diego Llorente and Fabián. Spain is the leader, but with one party less than Sweden and has the tare of the draw at home before Greece. With only one direct place for Qatar, the game on September 2 in Sweden it’s key. A victory paves the way, a draw turns the November game in Seville into a final and a loss in Solna triggers the chances of having to go to the playoff. The other two appointments are on the 5th in Badajoz (Georgia) and 8 in Pristina (Kosovo).

1.30 p.m. How do you see it?

13.23 hours. Abel Ruiz, in the social networks of Sporting de Braga

11.52 h. Press conference of Luis Enrique, absolute selector

Upon Guardiola Coach ?: “I would love to, I don’t think Spain could have a better coach. I’m sure he would be a great coach.”

I would love for Guardiola to be the coach, I don’t think Spain could have a better coach. I’m sure it would do a great role

Over the breaks: “I know that all the clubs want them to rest and we, as staff, have thought that it is good for them to see the bulls from the sidelines.”

Luis Enrique: “I would love for Guardiola to be the national coach”

About him level of the national team: “The reality is that there was only one champion who was Italy. We would have wanted to reach the final but there are many reflections. The national team complied with being among the seven or eight best. It was the one that generated the most scoring chances, the one that made the most centers in the area and, for my taste, the ones that did the best football. We knew how to adapt to adversity and we were the fifth youngest team, we did not reach 522 caps among all, when the favorites usually have more than 1,000, but that’s the past and now we have to focus on Sweden. “

Upon Íñigo Martínez: “He has not called me nor have I called him. I think he was very brave and I think he is respectable and commendable. Right now he is competing with his club and I have not seen the need to call him because I see him competing with his club and I see him very good. I hope you don’t call me now [risas]”.

No player of Andalusia for the first time in 10 years: “These are data that surprise me because I did not know … I had planned to go to Tarifa after the matches, but I see that it is almost better if I don’t go. Now what am I? Anti Andalusian? Not me I look at those things.This is the list that I consider best for September.

Upon Abel ruiz and no Iago Aspas: “There are many who are not on the list and who could be. In the case of Abel ruiz The season ended very well last year and we have a clear contact with him in the U21s. He is a player that we consider very interesting with a lot of experience in the youth teams. I haven’t called him, I’m sure he’ll be very happy and when he’s here I’m sure I’ll have time to discuss it with him. ”

Upon Sergio Ramos: “His situation is the same as last season. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been able to compete in a single game.”

Upon Mbappe: “What difference does it make what it seems to me? If I were Spanish I would be interested, but no matter how much Molina wears, he will not be eligible. I’m sure it will be an exciting league and see if it can be with the public and we can all vibrate again in the stadiums ”

12.35 h. Press conference of Luis de la Fuente

Upon Illaix, which is no longer selectable: “With naturalness we have lived his case. When he was selectable he has been with us and now that it seems that he is not, well he is not. Naturalness. They are decisions that footballers make and nothing happens.”

Upon Brian Gil: “He has already made his debut with the Absolute but he is a player who is in our field. The important thing is that he plays for both his club and the national team. He can consolidate in a short time in the absolute, hopefully, but as long as he is available for us we will count with the”.

On the continuity of players of the Castile: The only thing is to see the moments. Subsidiary players have been here many times. We value all aspects, we seek balance. There are very good footballers throughout Spain and we have to choose the best. They must continue to grow, the improvement occurs with the demand at the highest level.

12.33h. Fornals and Brais are no longer rookies

Luis Enrique He already had Pablo Fornals and Brais Méndez in a friendly on November 18, 2018 in Gran Canaria against Bosnia.

12.25 h. There is already a list of the sub 21

Luis de la Fuente’s men play against Russia and Lithuania on September 3 and 7. Start the 2000-2001 generation! Gallons for Brian Gil on this first list!

12.12 h. The opinion of Javi Domínguez

Only Unai Simon and Eric Garcia they are kept from those who played the Eurocup and the Olympics. Luis Enrique has given rest to Elm, Pau, Pedri and Oyarzabal. The load of matches has been key so that these players are not part of this convocation. The Barça center-back is a different case because he did not have so much continuity in his season with Manchester City.

Thiago He went through the Euro Cup without pain or glory and in Liverpool he is not a starting player for Klopp. Fabian was another of the players with little presence in the European Championship and Luis Enrique it takes away prominence. He even became one of those discarded by the coach in the quarterfinals against Switzerland.

11.57 h. The return of Albiol

The Villarreal center-back returns to the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas to wear the national team’s jersey. His last match was on November 18, 2019 against Romania, in the qualifying phase for the Euro.

11.48 h. When you go to debut with the senior team …

Abel ruiz, a Sporting de Braga player, at 21 he is going to his first call-up with the senior team. Canterano del Barcelona, ​​had to pack his bags like so many others to get minutes and, for now, the play seems to be going well. More dataCristina Navarro.

11.44 h. The 7 of the Euro that are not

In this call there are seven players who are not, but who were important in the last European Championship. Are Pedri, Thiago, Pau Torres, Fabian, Elm, Oyarzabal and Diego Llorente.

11.40 a.m. Luis Enrique surprises with Abel Ruiz and charges Thiago and Fabián

The inclusion of Abel Ruiz has been the biggest surprise in the Asturian coach’s call-up. Has all the data Miguel Angel Lara.

11.34 h. The video with all the names

Luis Enrique gives his list of summoned for the qualifying phase of the Qatar World Cup 2022

11.30 a.m. We already have the names

Goalkeepers: Unai Simon, David De Gea and Robert Sanchez

Sides: Jordi Alba, Jose Gayá, Azpilicueta and Marcos Llorente placeholder image.

Centrals: Eric Garcia, Aymeric laporte, Íñigo Martínez and Raul Albiol

Media: Sergio Busquets, Rodri, Koke, Merino, Carlos Soler and Brais mendez.

Attackers: Pablo Fornals, Pablo Sarabia, Ferran torres, Adama Traoré, Alvaro Morata, Gerard Moreno and Abel ruiz.

11.22 h. Waiting for the creativity of this occasion

The RFEF has long forgotten the typical list of names and each time they wear a more original aesthetic with videos in which they reveal the names of those summoned. Less than 10 minutes left to meet them.

10.52 h. Intrigue with the Olympians

Still preparing the last adjustments in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas to make the selection list public. At 11.30 am the proper names of this call will be known and the intrigue is, right now, in knowing what it will do Luis Enrique with the block that played the Tokyo Olympics. Beyond how much or how little you need Pedri a vacation, it remains to be seen if it maintains its headquarters and if it incorporates outstanding news such as Rafa mir, the brand new signing of Sevilla.

10.12 h. Own names

With a base built, the selection will continue to shake. Iñigo MartinezVoluntary withdrawal from the Euro due to mental exhaustion, he is ready and has been one of the coach’s fixtures. In the portfolio of applicants they bid strong Carlos Soler, Mikel Merino and Zubimendi. And the radar does not stop and watches players like Brahim or Grimaldo and those who helped in the parallel bubble: Fornals, Albiol, Brais, Kepa, Rodrigo

La Rojita too: on the way to the Euro

Also the Sub 21 He has duties: he starts his qualification for the European 2023 that will be played in Georgia and Romania and they will do so with two games: Spain-Russia on September 3 and Lithuania-Spain on September 7. It will be the first list of the 2000-01 generation of Luis de la Fuente, from 12.30 pm.

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