Antonio Blanco overcomes another barrier


PProbably, not a single person in football could come to think last September that the sole representative of the Real Madrid this summer in the Eurocup and the European under 21 was going to be Antonio Blanco. And it is not, far from it because of the Madridista’s lack of quality, if not because of the fact that the Cordoba has always been used to taking short and firm steps during his sports career. Stand in Slovenia without having debuted yet with La Rojita is a welcome exception in a sports career that has accelerated remarkably after this end of League with the first team.

The midfielder has knocked the door down a whole Real Madrid Y Luis de la Fuente You have not thought twice. After the discharge of Moncayola, the name was clear. “We know him very well and he already demanded the step, he has made merits in the Madrid, with what that means. He has earned it and also knows many mechanisms, so he will minimize adaptation, “says the U21 coach.

Very few technicians know all that it can give Antonio Blanco What Santi Denia. With the manchego he has been European champion under 17 and under 19 and runner-up in the world under 17, so he has actively participated in their successes. “He comes from having a very important background with us from the smallest teams and this year he has taken a step forward. He deserves this call, since he also has experience in important matches,” says the U19 coach.

Humble, constant at work and letting his football speak for itself, White He is a footballer ‘made in the Federation’, since he has everything that is requested in the national team: “It is a very ours profile, he has a great ball output and a lot of hierarchy”.

Croatia already knows him

With the shock before Croatia just around the corner, the Balkans already know how the Cordovan half spends them. In the European under 17 organized by the Croats, White he was the author of the tying goal that gave the leadership of the group. Finally, Spain won the tournament.

Thus, the technicians have reason to call one more member of a generation as winning as that of 2000.

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