Antonio Cordón reviews: the fight for Europe, Lainez, Guido, the return of the public …

Betis sports general director answers several questions in a LaLiga press conference with international media

Antonio Cordon, sports general director of the Betis, has participated in a press conference organized by The league for international media, on the occasion of the fight for Europe in which the Verdiblanco club is immersed, and in which other professionals have participated such as Granada coach, Diego Martínez, next rival of the team of Pellegrini in the league.

How to achieve the European classification?

“We cannot forget Granada, Villarreal and Real Sociedad, we also have Ahtletic and Celta, close teams that we have to count on. How to get to the Europa League? Well, at least for Betis, the important thing, With all my feeling, it is to win against Granada, it is the first objective, we do not consider another one. It is the one that is closest to us, it will be very difficult because they already beat us there, they were superior, and now we want to try to give them back what we They did. It is our main objective, to win on Monday and then to see how everything continues. “

Betis’ key to fight for Europe

“The key to where we are is work, enthusiasm, going day by day, doing everything with a lot of passion, giving positivity to things and the biggest key is having the technical staff we have, the coach we have, which is leading us to have a pretty good classification for what we had last season, different. “

The secret of Granada, its rival

“The secret of Granada is the team led by Diego. He has known how to form and create values ​​that are very important in football and the key to this Granada is its technical staff. The players have been very well chosen, they adapt perfectly to the mentality , to the idea and to the professionalism and dedication that Diego wants to demand, and that is the key to this team. Apart from the fact that they are in a very beautiful city, with a precious fans that support the team. It is a very attractive team to develop everything what Diego is doing “.

The highlights of the teams fighting for Europe

“I am going to defend what is mine. Many things have caught my attention in many teams, they all have positive points and good players, they do things well. But I am going to keep what is mine. The performance of our players, players who were not expected to perform, I am, they are doing it. Perhaps experienced players who arrived at a level where we could think they were complementary, however they are contributing a lot. And the young people that we have been using like Rodri and Paul, from the quarry, have taken that witness. “

The evolution of soccer in Mexico and the figure of Lainez

“Mexico, always in lower categories, in the last decade has almost always reached the finals in international championships, they have been champions, runners-up in sub 20 and sub 17. They are very interesting players at a technical level and it is an exporting country of players With Lainez it is clear that we are very happy, he is a boy who is growing, who will continue to grow within the national team, who is now appearing at the Olympic Games and is on the roster of the senior team, and is a player that it will give many afternoons of glory for the national team and I hope that it will also be for Betis “.

Guido Rodríguez, a fundamental footballer

“Guido Rodríguez we know the experience, the implication he has. A player who works in the shadows, but who occupies a lot of playing field, gives a lot of balance. I prefer the personality he has, the charisma he has, what he transmits to him. The rest of the players, the tranquility and professionalism, above the sporting performance, which we are also classifying as very high “.

Saved, again headline with Betis

“Guarded is the great captain, also essential for the national team and for years he has been providing us with an identity. Now he is going through one of his best moments at an age that will still give him to continue playing in the elite, taking care of himself as he is. he has been caring for many more years. He has been in many world championships, he came to Spain very young and has been doing a very important job for many years, he is a good example for many players and young people in Mexico and Spain “.

The return of the public to the stadiums

“I think it is very important that the public return, not only because of the feeling that the season ends with people on the field and that there is again that symbiosis between player and public, it is also important to be able to make a good season ticket for everyone the clubs. To be able to offer with clairvoyance that there will be an audience in the stadiums next season. It would be a very important point for everyone, if there was an audience.

Technology in football

“It is true that technology is being imposed in many places. It is very important to know the evolution of our players. That the people who direct it, know how to read it to take the appropriate measures, is also essential. But all the preventive work, of Tracking injuries or possible injuries helps us. GPS, the subject of video analysis to work and analyze each training session or the rivals’ matches well … It is essential to be up-to-date in all these studies. players, I am perhaps a little older, I think that the scouting eye is fundamental, very important, although a percentage must also be given to big data as support when making a decision. But technology without the right people to they are the ones who study it and make the right decisions, it wouldn’t do us any good. We have to know how to choose the people behind it well. “

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