Applause to Pınar Karşıyaka


Pınar Karşıyaka, who lost the opportunity to raise a cup in Europe for the first time in her history after defeating Hereda San Pablo Burgos 64-59 in the FIBA ​​Champions League, conquered the hearts by writing her name in the final.

After passing the group and Play-Off stage, Kaf-Kaf, who was a finalist by eliminating ERA Nymburk in the quarter finals and Casademont Zaragoza in the semi-finals in the organization in Russia, settled for the second place in the last moments of the final match when he was empty from the attacks in a row.

Kaf-Kaf, the second Turkish team to make it to the finals after Banvit, who played the final in 2017 in the Champions League organized by FIBA ​​for the 5th time, missed the chance to become our first representative to win this cup in the last seconds. With this result, Karşıyaka postponed his dream for the European Cup, his biggest goal missing from the showcase. While Karşıyaka fans were disappointed in the second final in Europe, even though our representative could not win the championship, the final excitement for all of Turkey was left in the giant organization until the last second.


Pınar Karşıyaka experienced the final syndrome by losing the cup in the final for the second time in its 46-year history in Europe, which started in 1975. Kaf-Kaf, who played both of its finals in Europe under the management of Coach Ufuk Sarıca, made it to the finals in FIBA ​​Eurochallenge in the 2012-2013 season, the first term of the experienced coach in the club. The green-red team, despite being ahead of Krasnye Krylya by 17 points in the final in the Final Four, was defeated by 1 point and could not reach the cup. Karşıyaka, which has been very close to the cup in Europe for the last two seasons, missed the championship when the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, which was the biggest favorite with 13 victories in a row, under the management of Ufuk Sarıca, was canceled in the semi-finals due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Karşıyaka reached the 6th final in Russia under the direction of Coach Ufuk Sarıca. Having spent his second term in the club, Sarıca gave historical success to the green-reds between 2012-2016, which is his first term. Under the management of Sarıca, Karşıyaka won the Turkish Cup and Presidential Cup in 2014 and the championship in the Super League in 2015. Pınar Karşıyaka lost the Eurochallenge Cup in 2013, the Presidential Cup in 2015, and the FIBA ​​Champions League championship yesterday during the Sarıca term. Sarıca narrowly missed the opportunity to go down in history as the third Turkish coach to win the championship in Europe after Aydın Örs, who won the Koraç Cup for Anadolu Efes, and Eurochallenge with Beşiktaş, and Ergin Ataman, who won the Eurocup with Galatasaray.


Pınar Karşıyaka missed the opportunity to become the 6th Turkish men’s basketball team that lost the championship in the final in the FIBA ​​Champions League and raised a cup in Europe. Previously, Anadolu Efes won the Korac Cup in 1996, Beşiktaş won the Eurochallenge in 2012, Galatasaray in 2016 and Darüşşafaka won the ULEB Eurocup in 2018. Fenerbahçe became the Euroleague champion in 2017. Kaf-Kaf was in Eurochallenge in 2013, Anadolu Efes in the FIBA ​​European Cup in 1993, the Euroleague in 2019, Tofaş in the Korac Cup in 1997, Trabzonspor at the Eurochallenge in 2015, Fenerbahçe in the finals yesterday. He finished second in the Euroleague in 2016 and 2018.


Pınar Karşıyaka earned a serious income of 970 thousand Euros (10 million TL) last season without an audience due to the coronavirus pandemic in Europe with the final success in the FIBA ​​Champions League. Having received a prize of approximately 400 thousand Euros for participation in the Super League as the runner-up, 70 thousand for the Play-Offs, and 100 thousand Euros for having entered the 8th Final, Karşıyaka went to the finals from FIBA. Guaranteed to buy another 400 thousand Euros (4 million TL). Kaf-Kaf lost the championship in the final and failed to put the giant prize of € 1 million awarded to the champion in the last seconds.


The stars that took Karşıyaka to the finals in Europe fell behind their usual performances in the final. Henry scored 24 points in the semifinals against Zaragoza with 7 threes on 7, and scored 1 point in the final with 0 three pointers. Guard Taylor, one of the most important names in the team, had 8 points with 0 three pointers on 3. Kennedy, who was injured in the first match, played 5 points in the final. The most important scoring weapons of the team, M’Baye and Morgan, did not get results from their consecutive scoring attempts in the final seconds of the final.


Pınar Karşıyaka will be playing the last game of the regular season in ING Basketball Super League tomorrow with the dust of her return to Russia. Karşıyaka, which is sure to finish third in the regular season with 21 wins in 29 games in the league, will host Beşiktaş Icrypex. The fight in Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Karşıyaka Sports Hall will start at 17.00. Karşıyaka, which matches Türk Telekom in the Play-Off, will host its opponent in the first exam of the quarterfinals on Thursday, May 13th, and take a rematch in Ankara on May 15th.


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