Asturian feast in Lezama: lamb on the stake, stuffed onions and suckling pig with cider

ORn Asturian festival to decorate the season and put an added point in the preparation of Saturday’s game against Atlético. New Spain publishes this Thursday the gastronomic conference that took place the day before in Lezama. The llagar L’Allume cooked an Asturian menu, of which Marcelino wanted to involve the squad, collaborators and employees to gather about 60 people. Adrian Morán, hotelier and friend of the Athletic coach, was in charge of making the enjoyment possible: lamb on the stake, stuffed onions and suckling pig with cider.

“The kids are phenomena,” he commented. to the Asturian newspaper the hotelier, who counted for the preparation of the lamb on the stake with the help of the spits Chispita and Marcelo. Morán indicated that before giving an account of the menu there was space to taste cider, with Iñaki Williams as a spectacular pourer after attending to the instructions given by the Langrean hotelier Begoña Gutiérrez.

Williams, pouring cider in Lezama's dining room.
Williams, pouring cider in Lezama’s dining room.

The after-dinner was lengthened and in addition to the food there was room for a musical performance. Marcelino was more than satisfied with the staging of his friend Adrián Morán, who emphasized the good atmosphere and summoned “technicians and players to an upcoming appointment because they all said they wanted to visit Langreo.”

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