Athletic insists on the Areso road

ANDl Athletic’s sports plan goes through the subsidiary. And the club upholds the decision ensure renewal contract of the footballers that he considers promising and with options to promote to the first team before putting them on the showcase. It is the Areso road, now a Osasuna player who last summer separated from the dynamics of the second team because he did not renew. The episode can be repeated this summer if any of those tempted to sign decide to ask for time for a response.

Athletic does not want to face compromised scenarios with footballers who are not tied. It happened years ago -with another Board of Directors and another sports direction- in the first team with Alex Remiro, which ended up being signed by the Royal Society, and last year the current managers they repeated the script with Areso, who was entering the last year of his contract and had not yet signed. The club put the candy to include him in the second instance in the list of footballers of the subsidiary who would do the preseason, but he was still unsigned and they lowered him to the subsidiary … just to train.

The Areso case was a notice for footballers and representatives regarding what will be the dynamics to be followed by Athletic in those renovations that it may consider doubtful of going forward. Areso did not wear the rojiblanca againHe was not even a companion on the expedition to Extremadura for the promotion phase, and days ago Osasuna made public that he was a new red player.

The club has announced the five Bilbao Athletic players (Nico Williams, Serrano, Agirrezabala, Prados and Artola) that on July 7 they will join the training sessions of the first team, but the list could increase. Last year a similar circumstance also occurred and as the days went by there were more puppies at Garitano’s disposal than were sung at first. This July the procedure could be traced, depending on whether any of those chosen ends up on loan or how the structure of the second team is left with renewals and transfers that are underway.

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