Atlanta Falcons arrive in London armed with Cordarrelle Patterson-shaped problem

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Red-hot Cordarrell Patterson prepares for a new year as he arrives in London with the Atlanta Falcons ahead of their fifth week clash with the New York Jets at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which you can watch live on Sky Sports NFL from 1.30. Sunday evenings.

Then hands up. Who drove Cordarrell Patterson to become the flagship of Arthur Smith’s Atlanta Falcons Rubik’s Cube?

But his production goes beyond mere novelty; in the midst of a Machian start to the campaign, where Smith and the Falcons won, it appears to be revealing the Cadillac winning formula that others have spent most of the decade trying to define and maximize.

The main attraction of Sunday’s NFL match in London between the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons was the rage of rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, the living and breathing unicorn in tight end Kyle Pitts, the ferocity of the narcissistic Quinnen Williams and former MVP of the league in the person of Matt Ryan, not to mention the two freshman head coaches; and the league’s return to the UK itself.

Well, two weeks after Anthony Joshua’s defeat to Alexander Usyk, Patterson is an unnoticed gem on the undercard of the next duo scheduled at the sumptuous Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Patterson crosses the pond after three touchdowns following a defeat to Washington in the fourth week of the Falcons, a match in which he competed, having recorded four touchdowns in his previous 76 games.

Around the NFL Dan Hunsus and Gregg Rosenthal are joining the NFL in overtime to announce Sunday's bout between the Jets and the Falcons at London's Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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Around the NFL Dan Hunsus and Gregg Rosenthal are joining the NFL in overtime to announce Sunday’s bout between the Jets and the Falcons at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

It is noteworthy that his excursions to the end zone fit only 17 shots, which equals 38 percent of Atlanta’s games in a day. Patterson finished 116 yards to scrum and 78 yards to return as his first multi-touchdown game of his career raised him to four, earning a year-long rookie game with the Minnesota Vikings in 2013.

It must be said with caution that he could very well have a breakout year at 30 and in his ninth season. Either way, this Falcon crime is going through Patterson right now.

“He did a great job for us in the first four games, made a lot of attempts in both the running and passing games — he’s a talented player,” Falcons quarterback Ryan told the media Friday. “He’s kind of an old school player. He does a little bit of everything, so it’s fun to be around guys who are so competitive, who want to get the ball and want to play, and I hope he can continue. be as effective for us as in the first four games. “

There’s nothing better than reselling stats with flashy names four weeks ahead of the season, so let’s start: In 2021, Patterson currently has more touchdowns than DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelsey, Amary Cooper, Terry McLaurin, Justin Jefferson. Chris Godwin and Mike Evans.

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