Atlético closes ranks with Griezmann

I wasn’t comfortable, I couldn’t find myself and in the end, with work, with the support of my teammates and the coach who keeps giving me, I can only improve. ” Griezmann after finishing the clash in San Siro. The day he scored again as a player of AthleticHe had no qualms about taking criticism and asking for forgiveness in his own way. The French footballer knows that the last one has arrived and that the road will not be easy. One sentence to sum it all up.

Antoine opened up after the conclusion of the meeting and acknowledged not being comfortable. He has returned to a different team than the one he left in 2019 and he has to be the one who adapts to a champion Atleti. Curiously, his two best matches in this second stage have been the two in the Champions League, coming off the bench. Perhaps that is where he will recover his best version. In San Siro he made his debut as a scorer and erased his doubts with a stroke of the pen. Now it will be his turn to continue adapting to the team and continue to grow.

For work it will not be. The Frenchman was very involved before entering the field giving directions to his teammates. Joao Félix, Felipe … Several were the footballers who received the words of support from Antoine. What seems evident is that Griezmann will not lack the support of his teammates and Cholo. Llorente, Hermoso, his own Simeone… Everyone was happy with the Frenchman’s goal and with his contribution. The dressing room has received the Frenchman with open arms and it is something that could be seen in his words at the end of the duel. The support of colleagues and the confidence of the coach. Griezmann he has with that a large part of the road traveled.

A mirror for Joao

But if there is a footballer who is especially devoted to Antoine, it is Joao Félix. The 7 mattress, who was precisely the footballer who inherited his number and came to replace him, was the first to go to celebrate the draw with the French. Once the game was over, the Portuguese was another of those who had words for Griezmann: “He is world champion, one of the great players in the history of Atlético. He is calm. From outside, people talk a lot, but he is calm and doing his job, “said Joao. A Joao who had already defended Griezmann a few days ago after a comment from a fan.

Simeone believes that Joao Félix and Griezmann can play togetherAtlas

It is clear that the dressing room wants to help the French in his new stage as rojiblanco. The beginnings are not being easy neither for him nor for the team that has to find accommodation for so many talented players. For now, the first goal of Griezmann it can be the turning point to find your best version.

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