Atlético de Madrid – Real Sociedad: Real’s game

VWe live in a world where fashions come and go as a television series goes out of date in little more than a few weeks. Meanwhile, the entire planet has no other topic of conversation. If you haven’t seen The Squid Game You may have felt absent during a conversation with friends. Surely you are not the only one. There are people capable of resisting any fashion.

Well that’s what they don’t want to be or Athletic neither Real society. The rojiblancos, champions themselves, intend to continue to be on the lips of the entire football planet and to return to the audience levels they had last season. For its part, La Real, arrives at the Metropolitano as the most watched series of the season, for something it is the leader of LaLiga. Both know closely what it is to stay in a fashion and have no intention of falling into oblivion.

Those of Simeone come from obtaining a moral victory over the Liverpool it doesn’t do much good. The three points flew out of the mattress stadium and there were only good feelings left to hold on to. Enough? In this new test in the form of Real society It will be possible to check if the rojiblancos have finally hit the key. It is clear that the defensive errors are weighing on the team at this beginning of the season, as it is also that it accumulates an arsenal of offensive talent that begins to appear more and more strongly. Joao Félix, Lemar, De Paul, Griezmann … They will be in charge of feeding balls to a Luis Suárez who is eager to remove the thorn of last Tuesday.

The doubts of the Cholo It seems that they will come on the defensive plot where he will have to decide whether to bet on the already consolidated line of three centrals or return to the defense of four. As he makes those adjustments to the script, he hopes not to spoil the chemistry that has emerged between some of the cast’s leading men.

La Real to break the barrier

La Real goes to Metropolitan with the intention of increasing his streak of 11 consecutive games without losing, with seven wins and four draws, and achieve a good result with which to show that he can compete with the greats, which is what he is resisting in these last years so good who is starring. Imanol has recovered David Silva, who already played on Thursday in Europe, but he still can’t count on Oyarzabal, among others.

The Royal visit to Athletic after climbing to the top of the rankings for his triumph in extremis against the Majorca, achieved in inferiority, a circumstance that has made people talk even more about Imanol’s team.

That great 11-game series without a loss, the attractive game that it proposes, the defensive solidity that it is showing, with seven clean sheets, the performance of signings like Merino, Isak or Sorloth, the inexhaustible quarry of good footballers that is Zubieta, with Turrientes and Lobete as last examples … There are many things and all good things that have led to a lot of good talk lately about La Real.

Another of them is the figure of Imanol, that he is knowing how to compete and win despite the numerous casualties he is having. Today, for example, he will not be able to count on very holders like the sanctioned one Aihen or the injured Oyarzabal and Zubimendi, but the charismatic coach has managed to keep absences like Silva and Monreal from being noticed, and he will try today. With the three left wingers KO you will have to change from band to Gorosabel or put the kid in Pacheco.

La Real, as we have pointed out, has as a pending issue to achieve a victory against the greats. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Atlético itself resist him when it comes to taking the step of the Europa League fight for the Champions League. Today you have a new opportunity for it.

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