Atlético – Eibar: Atlético, it’s your moment

The mattress makers seek to clear up doubts after the latest results achieved

Dfter spending the last six months at the top of the rankings, the time has come to Athletic. The section of the campaign in which the mattresses must show that their pulse is not shaking, that they have settled on the step of the champions and that they can finish off the great work done all these months, is here. Simeone He is aware of living a few historic days for his club and therefore, he already warned him after the game against him Betis. “I love this moment,” recalled the Argentine. But only after the remaining eight days will it be known if he is willing to repeat it in future years or try to erase it from his memory with a stroke of the pen. Your players will decide.

And it is that it is the hour in the Athletic to be a champion team again. To end the gifts in the form of points that he is doing in the last dates or to chain victories again after only getting one in his last five appearances. It has reached a point where two goals in five games is too poor a figure for an aspiring champion, and four goals conceded in five appearances are numbers that prevent you from winning any title.

Therefore, these are times of change. Very positive results have been achieved playing with three center-backs and two lanes, having Luis Suarez as a point of reference or holding the rival attacks, but all that seems that no longer gives results or is not possible to achieve. Back to a line four ahead of Oblak could be important to help the Slovenian in his fight for the prize Zamora, without the Uruguayan at the attack point, it is not necessary to have the team so advanced and with four troops in the core, more quality players can be gathered in the creation area to find spaces in a rival team that no longer suffers as much as it used to. in the first round.

A) Yes, I gave it could occupy the left-handed lane instead of Handsome in a defense that they would complete Trippier, Savic and Giménez. The engine room before the Eibar it would be for Koke and Herrera, who left good feelings against him Betis. Saul it would be on the right and Carrasco He would have greater freedom to reach the rival area on the left. Finally, strap will be accompanied in the attack by Llorente, who returns from his suspension and would be close to the goal again, something that the Athletic.

Touch wake up

The Eibar land on the Metropolitan being the bottom, something he had not known in his previous seven years in First. Fate has wanted that in the first week in which he occupies the last position of the table, he has to visit the leader. Life things. The classification says that this duel is the most unequal of The league. But football goes beyond numbers and things have to be demonstrated on the pitch, which is where you win and lose.

Thirteen days have brought joy to the body of those of Mendilibar. A disastrous streak that can only get you one place. The only thing he clings to Eibar it is that salvation is four points away, a perfectly salvageable distance. But to have options to seal the permanence you have to win. Earn a lot. Ties are no longer valid, although adding a point in the Metropolitan it can reinforce the confidence of a heavily touched team.

Mendilibar still can’t count on heavy weights like Bigas, Exposito or Bryan Gil. Nor will it be Diop, sanctioned for accumulation of cards. The one of Zaldibar could give the youth squad the opportunity Atienza, a kid who always goes out without fear or complexes, which is precisely what the Eibar. Illusion and conviction to try to end the worst streak in its history in First.

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