Atlético has reasons to dream

The rojiblancos cling to several positive aspects in their fight for LaLiga

ANDl Athletic has gone from having to Real Madrid to eight points on matchday 20 of The league Let’s see how the whites add a single unit less when there are eight dates left to finish the season. The mattresses have lost the mattress they had achieved in the first round and everything indicates that the regular championship is going to be too long for them. They have seen how both the team of Zidane As the Barcelona They have improved their performance and they still have a lot of sweat to spill to celebrate the title.

Despite this, the team of Simeone, which right now is the only team that depends on itself to win The league, has many positive aspects to be able to hold on to in the final stretch of the season. He may not be the clear favorite to win the trophy, but the fans may have several things to hold on to.

Still got a bolt under sticks

There is no doubt that Oblak he is a footballer different from all the others. The Slovenian does not go through good or bad streaks. It is always at a spectacular level. The mattress goal accumulates impossible interventions day after day. The Athletic It has a bolt that no other team has as demonstrated Oblak before him Betis with a hand that pulled out Lainez after a kick from the Mexican from within the area. It was also perfect against a shot of Emerson at the exit of a corner and only Tello He surpassed him in an action impossible for any goalkeeper.

At a time when the defense has dramatically lowered the level to which it was used to performing with Simeone on the bench, there is no doubt that Oblak it can be key to achieving the final title. The few goals in favor that he is achieving Athletic They have more value in the face of the difficulty that comes with overcoming the Slovenian goal.

Giménez takes a step forward

It is not being the best season of Gimenez in the Athletic. The injuries have weighed him down too much and in recent months, between mishaps, he has not performed at his best. This line seemed that it was going to be the one that the charrúa would leave in the Benito Villamarin, but after a somewhat gray start, everything changed as the minutes passed. The central colchonero was a real wall after the break and avoided a goal from Ruibal by blocking your shot.

Herrera sees the light again

The Mexican player left sensations on the pitch of the Benito Villamarin of being the same footballer who was seen in the first leg of the season. He asked for the ball, organized and covered a good part of the pitch. Only the lack of intensity in some divided ball prevented him from having a better performance. After suffering an untimely injury, the coronavirus and suffering the death of his mother, Simeone He once again has at his disposal a footballer who can be key in these last eight days.

In addition to the Mexican, he also left good feelings Torreira, a player who has suffered the death of his mother in recent days and who on the grass has always complied when he has had the opportunity to go out on the green.

Carrasco decides again

Five minutes it took Carrasco to see goal in the Benito Villamarin. His pulse did not tremble when sending the leather to the back of the net when his team did not have its main scorers. It is true that the Belgian should add more goals in his locker, but the fact of being closer to the rival area can be key in the final stretch of the season. After serving a penalty for cards, Carrasco He showed his speed, overflow and shot on the field. The mattresses must hold on to the quality of the Belgian international.

Joao Felix brought out his magic

It didn’t have the desired continuity, of course, but when the spotlights were on it appeared. The Portuguese put a great pass on strap in the mattress goal and aimed to be the footballer who had asked Simeone. A hard blow knocked him out of the game, but it was not for him. He showed commitment by returning to the pitch after the break, but was unable to continue. In the Athletic fingers crossed at the injury of the young Portuguese, who can decide in the last days and give a league title to his team.

Correa’s mess

There is no doubt that he needs to improve against the rival goal, but Simeone is working on it. It has always been said that in football the complicated thing is to generate chances and strap created them. Before him Betis had two clear and touched a goal that resists him in recent days. It is clear that offensive effectiveness should not fall on him, but it is also true that it makes life easier for his linemates.

End the yellow alert

In the last dates Simeone has suffered losses due to sanction of players such as Suárez, Llorente, Carrasco, Joao Félix or Savic. Footballers all of them more than important in a team that does not have a wardrobe of the size of Real Madrid or Barcelona. Therefore, to face the last league days with Handsome as the only sanctioned and a good part of the spine with a card cycle just completed, there is no doubt that it gives peace of mind to Simeone.

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