Atlético prepares the return of the fans to the Metropolitano by lottery and with a rotating system

ANDl Athletic He has already drawn up the plan for the return of his hobby to Wanda Metropolitano. In view of the fact that the government has stipulated that the capacity cannot exceed 40% of the capacity of the stadium (about 27,000 spectators) during the months of August and that the Madrid’s community It has not been decided yet (it is expected that the percentage will not differ too much), the rojiblanco club has devised a system based on a draw and on a rotating basis to try to satisfy the largest number of available subscribers.

Atlético’s social area has already contacted its 54,000 subscribers via email so that they can request their presence in the match against him. Elche, the Villarreal or both. Now fans will have up to ten days before each match (until next Monday 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the case of the second day of LaLiga and until Thursday, August 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the case of the third) to either respond to that email or to communicate your wish through the partner’s virtual office, as it will not be possible either in person or by telephone.

It should also be noted that, due to sanitary restrictions, the subscription card will not be valid to access the stadium, being necessary to download the digital code that the club will send to the lucky ones. In this sense, it will be once all the applications have been counted when Atlético will proceed with the draw that will determine who are chosen. A raffle to be carried out by sectors, starting to be counted from the locality that fortune dictates onwards. Once the quota is reached, it will continue to be counted from the last one that has not passed the cut-off.

Those who are not lucky or who do not request their presence will be compensated with a discount from the ticket price (the value will be determined by a simple division between the amount invested and the number of games) in the season ticket for the following season. However, thanks to the rotating system designed, it is normal that if all subscribers request to attend the first two games, they will have to attend at least one.

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