Atlético tense in the medullary

Lupon arrival of Rodrigo de Paul to the Athletic makes the mattress squad have seven troops in the core to occupy three places. Taking into account that Cholo Simeone He has played this season with a midfielder and two interiors in a good part of his games, the accounts come out quickly. The competition will be maximum and the team will benefit as long as the less common in this area do not lower their arms and continue fighting for a position despite not having the confidence of the coach in the early stages of the campaign.

Thus, both with 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 the drawing of the Athletic is clear. A midfielder to get the ball and start the plays and two footballers with freedom of movement to play with the attacking partner.

Coaches always point out that the more variants they have for each position, the better, that’s why Simeone he cannot have a better feeling about the campaign that has just started now. Footballers of all kinds of characteristics in a key area of ​​the field to dominate the games. Touch midfielders, with speed, long stride, with precision in their actions and even with a goal, perhaps what was most lacking in the past.

In this way, taking into account that Lemar He has played a lot indoors, we review the options that the mattress coaching staff has for a season in which he will have to defend the league title and will have in the Champions and the Cup as his two tournaments where he can improve his past results.

Koke, a fixed on the pivot

Of the three squares in the center of the field there is no doubt that one will be for Koke. The captain carried the handle of the team during the past season and was also the squire of Busquets on the Eurocup. Although perhaps his natural position is not the midfielder, Simeone It gives him a handle that he grabs without any problem. It gives balance, ball exit and covers the field like nobody else. When he has played a little more forward, he has almost always ended up falling back because nobody was up to him.

Llorente for everything

The second footballer who seems to have an almost guaranteed position is Llorente. Thinking that his role as a midfielder has remained for very residual moments, the Madrid native is a fixture on the inside for Simeone. Until now there was not a single player from the same demarcation with his scoring ability, something highly valued by the technicians. His arrival from the second line, ease of attendance and his strong stride are essential.

De Paul arrives with a goal

Star signing so far Athletic for the next season, Rodrigo de Paul He can play both in the midfield and inside, but everything indicates that he will move into more advanced positions. If he has to be ahead of the defense, he stands out for his positioning on the green and his ability to destroy the rival game. On the other hand, his long ball movements, his shots from medium distance and his ability to give speed to the leather are some of the qualities that have led him to Athletic.

Héctor Herrera, control

Some of the games in which the best football showed the Athletic at the beginning of last season they went with Hector Herrera in the green. The Mexican can move both in the midfield and on the inside, but he performs notably better when he looks into the rival area and can assist his attack partners.

Lemar, reborn

The Frenchman wasted his first two years as a mattress maker but finally showed his best version last season. Although he has sometimes played outside, the truth is that his greatest performance has been seen indoors. Able to overcome lines with his internships with the ball at his feet, precise and fast when combining, with a good shot and generator of spaces thanks to his great technical quality. He must continue to maintain that high level so as not to get lost among the red and white squad.

Kondogbia, all power

The Central African came with the idea of ​​making up for the loss of Thomas but he did not succeed last season. In the midfielder he suffers when it comes to generating play and he has plenty of defensive tasks. He feels more comfortable close to the rival area because thanks to his powerful stride he has the ability to stand in dangerous areas for the rival. The Athletic you should get more out of your shot. He does not create so much football but he overcomes opponents with his verticality.

Saúl, with more doubts

Of all the proposed names, it seems to be the only one that is not assured of its continuity in the Athletic. From their environment there has been talk of the possibility of leaving but the market situation does not facilitate operations. If you stay, there is no doubt that you will have the confidence of a Simeone who knows how to get the most out of it. As a midfielder he suffers, but in the three-field zone he gives a lot thanks to his finishing ability and his powerful run with the ball at his feet.

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