Ávalos, the first referee in Second to whistle a team from the same school


Gorostegui, the designated referee, tested positive on the morning of the match

Rubén Avalos Barrera (September 12, 1987, in Igualada, Barcelona), a collegiate attached to the Catalan school becomes the first referee, in Second, to whistle a team from the same community in which he is referee, and all this, due to an emergency due to the fault of the coronavirus. Of course, the refereeing work was good.

The Basque Gorostegui Fernandez Ortega he was chosen to direct the Girona-Tenerife, but this morning he tested positive for covid, so the CTA acted fast and, Avalos Barrera, was the collegiate who was closest to Montilivi to lead the game.

Although it was never liked, and that is why it was ‘prohibited’ that a collegiate assigned to an arbitration college will score matches to teams from that community, circumstances rule and more in times of pandemic. So Ávalos Barrera will go down in history for this fact.

Yes to refereeing your birthplace team

This circumstance is different from what happens, many times, that a collegiate born in a certain Community, and assigned to a arbitration college of different Community, you can direct meetings to the team of your city of birth, since you always where the collegiate belongs and not their place of birth.

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