Ayhan Avcı: Our only problem as a club is financial support

Kayseri Basketball, which will play the pre-qualifying competitions of the Women’s Europa League, continues its activities. Kayseri Basketball Head Coach Ayhan Avcı said, “Our only problem as the club is financial support. We can’t find enough sponsors. Other than that, everything is fine.”

Bellona Kayseri Basketball, which finished 10th in the league last season, was invited to the Women’s European Cup by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Kayseri team, which has paid the participation fee to the league, will play the qualifying match on September 21-23. Foreign athletes of the Kayseri team, working with local athletes, will come to the ACS Sepsive and Atomeromu KSC Szekszard competitions, which will be played in Romania, as of September 1.


Bellona Kayseri Basketball Head Coach Ayhan Avcı made special statements to DHA about the activities. In his statement, Avcı said, “We also requested to host for the Women’s Europa League qualifying matches. However, the Romanian team Sepsi team took over the hosting. Our match days have also been determined. We will fight with Atomeromu KSC Szekszard team on September 21. We will rest on the second day, this is the second day. “It’s an advantage for us. We will face the host ACS Sepsi on September 23. We continue our preparations for the Women’s Europa League for Turkish athletes. We have a limited number of young athletes,” he said.


Referring to the matches they will play, Avcı said, “We made reinforcements from our youth team. We made 3 foreign transfers. We are planning to make 1 more foreign transfer. All our foreigners will be here as of September 1. We are planning 3 or even 4 friendly matches before the Europa League. I think we will go there ready. Europa League. “We will play 14 matches if we stay in the groups. This will be a plus for us. Being in the top league is more important than winning and winning. It is important for the country score. It is very important to be among the top 14 teams in Europe. If we don’t have as much history as Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.” We have become a well-known team in Europe in a short time. We want to continue this success. 6 teams will play in the qualifying round, we will not be in the same group as the other group that is successful in the European Cup every year. This is an advantage for us. As a club, our only problem is financial support. “We can’t find enough sponsors. Other than that, everything is fine,” he said.


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