Bahar Çağlar Ökten: Season was difficult for everyone


Bahar Çağlar Ökten, the national player who wore BOTAŞ jersey in Herbalife Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League this season, said that they left behind a difficult season.

Bahar Çağlar Ökten, the national player who wore BOTAŞ jersey in Herbalife Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League this season, said that they left behind a difficult season.

Bahar, drew attention to the fact that everyone was very affected due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), in a statement she made to the AA reporter, “There was a big break after the pandemic stopped last season. In this process, it was difficult for every athlete to regain fitness and perform the desired performance. It was hard for everyone, not for me. ” said.

Stating that the best part of sports organizations is the audience, Bahar said, “The best part of basketball is the audience. We were sad because we played without an audience this season. The matches with the audience are more enjoyable. I can say that they are the driving force.” used the expressions.

Noting that they started the season with anxiety due to the pandemic, Bahar said, “We had to protect ourselves because of Kovid-19. The thought of ‘will or not’ caused concern. It was a bad process in the sense of Kovid. he spoke.

Bahar, who evaluated the performance of BOTAŞ, which completed this season in the play-off quarterfinals, said:

“BOTAŞ made a good investment. We started the season with Turkish players and a foreign player. Unfortunately, Işıl and Tilbe’s injury saddened us all. We had to continue on our way somehow. I think we have taken a good step for the BOTAŞ family. Although we did not have two players, we gained momentum. . If there weren’t any unfortunate events, we could have finished the season higher. “

Regarding which team he will play for the new season, Bahar said, “My priority for the new season is BOTAŞ, I always talked to the team I played for the first time in my professional life.” found the assessment.

“The pride of wearing a national team uniform is always very different.”

Bahar, who is also in the candidate squad of the A National Women’s Basketball Team, which will participate in the FIBA ​​2021 Women’s European Championship, said, “The pride of wearing the national team uniform is always very different. I get goosebumps in all of Europe, the world championships or the Olympics. continues in the same way. said.

Referring to the goals of the championship, Bahar said, “We have to go step by step. There is a generational change, we are trying to catch up with the old chemistry. We did not succeed in the previous European Championship. We will do our best in the European Championship. To leave the priority target group.” used the expressions.

Pointing out that they had to protect themselves from Kovid-19 for the championship, Bahar said, “We protected ourselves until the last game of the season, but we tasted the risk that all the athletes and technical teams faced during the season after the last game of the season. I think. I hope my antibody is good. ” found the assessment.

Bahar’s Basketball Workshop

Bahar, who established Bahar’s Basketball Workshop to train new athletes in addition to her professional career, expressed that she is in a project that excites her.

Noting that she wanted to convey her experiences to young athletes, Bahar said:

“The main purpose of the project is sharing. I have been playing professional for a long time. I aimed to share my experiences, my sadness, my good days, my stress with our young friends. Our aim was to do the trainings live. We did the first one online. I did not expect that much participation. I hope we will make the second one live when the pandemic is over.”

Olympic sorrow

Reminding that the National Women’s Basketball Team competed in the Olympics, Bahar said, “This year, our volleyball women’s national team is going to the Olympics. Women have achieved significant success in many fields.” found the assessment.

Not being able to take part in the Olympics this year, Bahar said, “My only bitterness is the Olympics. I wish I could see the Olympics. It would be my last Olympics, so I’m sorry.” he spoke.

Expectations for the future

Sharing her hopes for the future, Bahar said, “I wish the pandemic is over. We say ‘we can get through the young people more comfortably’, but we are thinking about our families very carefully. We have completed the season very carefully. I hope we will fight in front of the fans who increase the pleasure of watching. We have the European Championship. I hope Kovid will end as soon as possible, we will play our matches in a healthy way. ” he finished his words.

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