Bahçeşehir College introduced its 2021-2022 season staff

Bahçeşehir College Men’s Basketball Team, which will compete in the Basketball Super League and the FIBA ​​European Cup, held a squad promotion ceremony before the 2021-2022 season.

Bahçeşehir College Sports Club President Hüseyin Yücel, general manager Alpaslan Aydın, head coach Erhan Ernak and basketball players attended the ceremony held at Bahçeşehir University South Campus.

President Hüseyin Yücel, speaking at the ceremony, stated that they entered the season assertively and said, “This year we are celebrating the fifth year of Bahçeşehir College Basketball Team. We are entering our fourth season in the Super League. We thought of a team, staff and budget structuring for experience in our 3-year adventure in the league. Permanent We had to have our feet firmly on the ground because we wanted to be and think long-term. We have had very good experiences in these 3 years. This season, we have built a team that is much more assertive, highly motivated, aiming for the top places in the league to win every game. Compared to the past 3 years, this season We’ve put the gears up a notch.” used the phrases.

Reminding that they will compete in the FIBA ​​European Cup this season as well, Yücel said, “We were in the European Cup again two seasons ago. We were having a very good season, we reached the semi-finals. However, the season was canceled due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic and our enthusiasm This season we are going to complete the work we left unfinished 2 years ago. I hope we will try, work and try as much as we can to bring the FIBA ​​European Cup to Turkey. However, these things do not happen only with wishes. Serious things are falling. I believe and trust our entire team until the end. Our motto this year will be the top 4 in the Super League and the championship in the FIBA ​​European Cup.” he said.

Hüseyin Yücel reminded that Bahçeşehir College will play its games this season at Fenerbahçe’s Ülker Sports and Event Hall in Ataşehir. The president of the red-dark blue club mentioned that there will be cooperation with Fenerbahçe, except for the use of the hall, “We are thinking of joint combined work and joint box sales. We are planning to go into a cooperation related to sponsorships. It has not been signed yet, but it has not been signed yet, but with the jerseys of Bahçeşehir College Basketball Team in Feneriums. Sales of fan products are planned. Yesterday we took 1 step. We saw that 2 steps were taken in return for this. This made us very happy.” expressed an opinion.

Yucel’s call for coronavirus vaccine

Hüseyin Yücel also spoke about the vaccine, which is one of the most important factors in the fight against coronavirus, and said:

“One of Turkey’s biggest agendas is the opening of schools on September 6. Various studies are being carried out and precautions are being taken regarding this. However, scientists have suggestions that the only solution to the coronavirus is vaccination. As an educational institution, from our bus driver to our cafeteria staff, from our school principal to our teachers. “We have reached a vaccination rate of 98 percent. From a sports club perspective, competitions without spectators have no taste and salt. I would like to ask all sports fans to listen to scientists related to vaccines, so that we can experience the atmosphere we miss in the halls once again, on the occasion of this press conference.”

On being asked whether the necessary precautions were taken regarding the coronavirus, Yücel said, “If we had talked last year, we would have said mask, cologne, hand hygiene for the necessary precautions, but there is only one solution that all scientists say right now and that is vaccination. I do not think that those who are not vaccinated can enter the halls. It is endless. We cannot interfere with human freedom in any way, but that freedom ends when one person’s freedom threatens the freedom and health of another person. We will not be able to see our unvaccinated citizens either in our schools or in our halls. Let’s believe in science, let’s get vaccinated.” expressed an opinion.

Alpaslan Aydın: “FIBA Europe Cup will come to Turkey in our hands”

Alpaslan Aydın said that their goal is to win the FIBA ​​European Cup.

Expressing that they have established a new team, Aydın said, “Our biggest goal is to continue with the skeleton of this team for many years. I am sure that this team will give excitement to those who watch the matches and we will watch good basketball. I hope we will be at the top of the league and that FIBA ​​European Cup will come to Turkey in our hands. Hopefully, we will achieve this this season. The matches will be played with 50 percent spectators. Without an audience, it will not taste. I hope this pandemic process will end. I wish everyone a healthy season without injuries, without coronavirus.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that they worked day and night to form the team, Aydın said, “A lot of effort was put in. Hundreds of thousands of matches were watched. Games were watched one by one. In their former teams, their coaches, masseuses and families were researched and asked about. A great effort.” “But it’s very important to keep the chemistry. We created a good plot in terms of the player characters and togetherness we saw in the first training sessions. I am very happy about that.” used the phrases.

Erhan Ernak: “We created a team worthy of Bahçeşehir College and our goals”

Erhan Ernak said that they have established a team worthy of the club and their goals, and that they want to complete the FIBA ​​European Cup championship goal, which was interrupted in the 2019-2020 season.

Mentioning that President Hüseyin Yücel provided great support to them, Ernak said:

“After we decided what we wanted to do at the beginning of this season, we conducted a serious player research with our technical team. We tried to bring together players who are suitable for both our institution and our goals. I consider myself a very lucky head coach. I thank our president. “He made an incredible effort to make sure that the basketball players who are suitable for the basketball we wanted to wear our uniforms, he supported us a lot. I think we have formed a team worthy of Bahçeşehir College and our goals. Since we have started training, we can see some things more closely. We get a good light from our team.”

Promising the championship in the FIBA ​​European Cup, Ernak said, “We want to skip the play-offs in the ING Basketball Super League first and go to the lap there. We want to grow step by step and build our building on the right foundations. The unfortunate pandemic situation in Europe the previous year. I was in the technical team when it happened to us. We had a very serious heartbreak. We were very confident that we would bring a trophy to Turkey. We had a good team to achieve this goal at that time, but unfortunately the white season was declared. I promise as the head of the technical team.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that they are working for a team that does not leave a chance for a solution to its opponents both in attack and defense, Erhan Ernak concluded his words as follows:

“After discussing the goal with our president, we discussed how the players should be who will achieve it. Today’s basketball is not only in a structure where you can reach the top level with the scoring and leadership of a player. We brought together players who can share the ball, creative, and take responsibility in times of crisis. We preferred the players. Wherever you leave the door open, every team can punish it. We tried not to leave our opponents a chance for a solution both in offense and defense. We tried to choose our athletes from top-level names with fighting character. The selection was easier for some of them because they played in our country. For some, we had a long research phase. It’s not easy to pronounce goals as head coach. If we had held this meeting 2 weeks ago, I might have been a little more nervous. Our job is in the field. The light I got from over 20 training sessions we did helped me to speak a little more courageously. I hope our words come true. We can stay out.

Jamar Smith, who was selected as the most valuable player of the ULEB European Cup last season, said about his preference for Bahçeşehir College: “Last year, when I was playing at Unics Kazan, I was a rival to Bahçeşehir College. I had the opportunity to visit Istanbul. With the President and the general manager. I came here to change the basketball culture and win trophies with the Bahçeşehir College jersey.” said.


Bahçeşehir College’s 2021-2022 season squad includes the following players:

Bentil, Jamal Jones, Langston Hall, Kartal Özmizrak, Muhammed Baygül, Ata Ülkü Özben, Hadi Özdemir, Ali Yüceoral, Ahmet Safa Yılmaz, Jamar Smith, Oğuz Savaş, Berkay Candan, Erkan Yılmaz, Devin Williams.

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