Bale: “The loan is for one season and my plan is to return to Real Madrid”

The Welshman assures that his intention is to leave Tottenham at the end of the course and return to Real Madrid: “I have one year left on my contract and that is what I had planned,” he says.

Gareth Bale begins to prepare his return to Real Madrid. The current Tottenham player has given a press conference with his selection and has ensured that the plan is to return to the white team when the loan with him ends Tottenham. In Madrid they expected that the English team would exercise the purchase on the player, but hopes are beginning to fade after the Spurs have not given signs of life in this regard and after these words from Gareth.

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Bale’s return to Real Madrid

“The original plan was to do only one season at Tottenham and after the Euro come back, because I still have a year left to play”, Bale has said before the press of his country. “My idea is to return to Madrid, it is what I had planned to be honest,” insisted the Welsh forward, who in the last month has increased his performance under the command of José Mourinho.

Bale explains the reasons that led him to leave Madrid last summer and join Tottenham: “The main reason for coming to Tottenham was to play and then get to the European Championship in good shape.” The Welshman also made it clear that he does not believe that what is said about him and his future in the summer will distract him during the Euro: “It will not be a problem for me.”

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Welsh salary is a problem

Remember that Bale It has a token that is around 17 million euros net, which made the purchase by Tottenham very difficult unless the player lowered his salary. For now, the messages that have received so much the Real Madrid as Tottenham They are the same and they say that the player does not intend to forgive a single euro of what he signed with Madrid in October 2016.

The idea of Real Madrid is to look to the future next summer and make four or five important changes to the squad, including the arrival of a star like Haaland or Mbappe, in addition to that of a player like Alaba that is already closed. However, the presence of Bale in the squad would pose a serious problem due to his high profile and the fact that Zidane does not have him. If he returns to Madrid, the white club will try to give him an exit, although they know that it will not be easy …

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