Bardhi presents his valid Macedonian driving license after being investigated for document falsification

The police immobilized his car on Monday in a routine check in Valencia

ANDl Macedonian Levante footballer, Enis Bardhi, which would have been iInvestigated by the Local Police of Valencia for driving with a counterfeit card, has assured that your degree is validated by the Macedonian institutions and what has already provided that documentation to the Spanish authorities.

The newspaper The Provinces’ reported this Monday that the Levante UD international was stopped at a routine check last Monday, April 5l and that one of the policemen when checking the driver’s license appreciated that the document “had been printed on a plastic with card format and that other security markings were missing after reviewing the document under UV light. “

Nevertheless, Bardhi, in a statement posted on his Twitter account, He stressed this Monday that he has contributed to the Local Police of Valencia “the certificate issued today by the Macedonian Ministry of the Interior” that confirms that your driving license is validated by your country.

The Levante player has shown its desire that with the documentation provided “the situation is clarified of confusion “that has been generated.

Bardhi arrived at Levante in 2017, he is international with Macedonia and this Tuesday he went to the sports city of Buñol for the team’s training.

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