Bartra accelerates his set-up with Mandi and Víctor Ruiz warned of sanction

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The Catalan central defender has not played for three months and Pellegrini could need his assistance in the next few days

Marc bartra He received a medical discharge a few days ago that allowed him to return to work with his colleagues. Gone are three months of ordeal, first due to discomfort in a tendon that had been dragging since the first months of the season and later due to a gallbladder problem that caused painful colic and a worrying weight loss.

The coaching staff that directs Manuel Pellegrini programmed for Bartra an express set-up, so that he was at the same physical level as his teammates as soon as possible after not competing for so long. Last week he completed all training sessions normally, although he did not enter the call. And this week he continues with his work plan, waiting to return to a summons.

Bartra, three months without playing

His last game was on December 20 of last year in grenade. Since then, Marc he has missed 17 official matches for his team, League and three of Cup. He knows that the improvement at the defensive level of the Verdiblancos in this time, with the central pair formed by Mandi Y Victor Ruiz very consolidated, it will complicate his return to eleven. But the Catalan wants to be prepared because he may have a chance earlier than expected.

So much Mandi What Victor they are warned of sanction. The Franco-Algerian saw his fourth yellow card of the season last Sunday, in the derby, with the match already over, for protesting the performance of Mateu lahoz. And the Catalan has been holding on for several days to a single card of missing a match by accumulation. If either of you is admonished, Bartra he will have before him the opportunity to return to the team.

Sidnei has been the alternative

The matches in which Victor Ruiz has not been able to play due to muscle discomfort has been Sidnei who has occupied his position, with irregular performance. But also, Pellegrini has had to instruct Paul Y Guido Rodriguez in case some match situation (expulsion or injury) forced them to be used in the center of the rear, in the absence of alternatives. With Bartra recovered, the Chilean will once again have alternatives.

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