Bartra: “Competing every three days keeps me much more focused”

Marc bartra, the fourth longest-running player Betis uninterrupted only behind Joaquin, Tello Y Saved, is being prepared these days in the Swiss town of Bad ragaz for his fourth season as a player for the Verdiblanco team. An important campaign both on a collective level, with the return to European competitions, and on a personal level, in search of the regularity that he lacked last year due to an injury and health problems that kept him four months away from the fields of play.

The preseason in Switzerland for Bartra

“A lot of training, combining it with eating and sleeping, focused on physical, technical and tactical work, with good facilities, with good surroundings to get a good performance. It is true that the first day the welcome was different from what we had in Seville , with a temperature colder than normal and a rain that you don’t see … He let us work, but in different conditions. He respected us the rest of the days and today he has reappeared.

An exciting season for Betis

“Yes, totally, it is what we want, even personally it is what motivated me to come to Betis, to be able to compete in Europe. The first year I arrived we consolidated it and reached the goal, it is what I have been used to most of My career, competing every three days, and that is what it is going to give us that we have a good group, a good team, because we are going to need everyone. And personally it keeps me much more focused and focused on being able to be in Europe. “

Bartra: “Competing every three days keeps me much more focused”Real Betis Balompié

He has missed not playing during the week

“Yes, yes, totally, in the 12 years that I have been, I think only two, the last two, I have not been in three competitions, in Europe. All the others have been there and it is what I like the most and I think the Most agree that it keeps you focused day by day. Before you played on a Saturday and maybe until the following Sunday you did not compete and if the result did not go well you were eating your head all week. In this sense, most of us agree in which it is positive, but you have to have a very good group and be all 25 very prepared to compete “.

How is Bartra this new course

“I have taken it with great enthusiasm, the season in itself is exciting, and personally I have recovered from the gallbladder, which was something that was bothering me for longer than expected, the tendon problems are also overcome, and although It is true that I have to take care of myself a lot, which is something I like, I have to be on top of it. Being out for almost four months last season gives me that motivation to be able to value it even more and contribute that grain of sand that I hope can help us to get into Again in Europe and do a good job, we have given guarantees that we are capable of them. “

Back to the national team, a goal?

“It is clear that it is something that motivates me a lot as well. First, Betis, because it is the daily motivation, but also being in the national team, I was in most of the pre-list of previous calls, in the end I could not go, but it has to be one more motivation. But first the team, when the team is doing well and the objectives are met, the level of each player rises and the expectations are also better. “

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Mandi’s important absence

“Aïssa is one of the players who had been around the longest, we have Joaquín who has been around for many years and he was the next. Now it has happened to Tello and me, that apart from Joaquín we are the ones who have been around the longest, and we have to enforce that experience, knowing how the club works, and at the central level, I think that today, regardless of whether someone comes or not, we are four in the preseason, knowing what the coach demands and wanting to take that level to be able to have a good preseason and start the year like airplanes. “

You want to see Benito Villamarín full

“That is one of the greatest motivations we can have. The fans have a fundamental role, Real Betis has that plus that not all clubs have, which is the fans, one of the best in Spain, and we have to do it. be worth because when things get good it is spectacular and at times when we need it they also help us. Coming from a year in which they have not been sure that they will support us twice, I think it will be a plus that will give a lot to get the best out of each one “.

One of the oldest of the squad

“Three and a half years have passed, almost four, and the truth is that everything that Betis means, everything that it transmits, its values, you are feeling day by day, you are nourishing yourself from it and it is impossible not to feel what People feel, what capi transmits to us, that he is a Betis from head to toe, and every year at Betis is like many years at another club “.

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