Basketball Champions League – Nizhny Novgorod – Türk Telekom match result: 96-82


Türk Telekom, our representative in Group K in the playoff stage of the Basketball Champions League, was the guest of Nizhny Novgorod in its fourth game. The home team won the match, leading from start to finish, with a score of 96-82. With this result, Türk Telekom was experiencing its third defeat in the group, and it strained the chance of TOP 8. Nizhny Novgorod managed to get his third win in the third match of the group.

Our representative Türk Telekom started the match very badly. Başkent team, who had difficulty in scoring in offense, could not prevent their opponent from starting the match with a 10-0 streak when they had difficulty in stopping Andrey Vorontsevich in defense. Starting their first points in the match with Sam Dekker’s three-pointer, Türk Telekom tried to balance the game in the first quarter, but finished the first quarter behind 28-20.

The first three minutes of the second quarter witnessed a head-to-head battle. Although the capital team tried to be effective on offense with Johnny O’Bryant, he fell out of the game at the end of the quarter and could not prevent his opponent from making the difference. Nizhny Novgorod scored offensive with Kasey Shepherd, bringing the difference back to double digits. While the home team played very superior in the last part of the quarter, it entered the locker room 52-36 ahead.

Starting the third quarter with the points of Johnny O’Bryant, Türk Telekom could not succeed in closing the gap even though it wanted to be a partner in the match. With Anton Astapkovich and Kasey Shepherd, the home team was very effective on the offensive, bringing the gap up to 21: 64-43. Although our representative Türk Telekom tried to score with Muhammed Baygül at the end of the quarter, he could not make up the difference and finished the last 10 minutes with Nizhny Novgorod’s 76-57 lead.

The home team kept the difference in the last quarter and did not allow Türk Telekom to return. Nizhny Novgorod won the match differently with a score of 96-82.

Quarter scores:

1st quarter: 28-20

2nd quarter: 52-36

3rd quarter: 76-57

4th quarter: 96-82


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